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Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 10 results, Week 11 picks

Keep your arms and legs inside the car, the Mike Vick experience is about to begin. Not only did Vick mop up for fantasy teams this week, his name was the lone point-getter in the world-famous Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest.

Seven of our astute colleagues chose the latest QB to join the NFL’s MVP talk, including overall points leader Super Friends.

As usual, we’ve got some discussion about our brethren in fantasy arms. If you’re hurtin’ for time, review the standings and post your Week 11 picks in the comments, we won’t mind.

Congratulations to Super Friends, Gridiron Assassins, Roving Kittens, L’Iconnue, 69ers, Stepdads and newcomer Brandon who all chose the Vicktacular one this week.

Nobody scored more than five points, but several of the picks had a big impact on the overall standings. Super Friends’ total increases to 40, but their toughest competition is only 10 points back.

Gridiron Assassins’ five points moved them into a tie for second place overall. Roving Kittens moved into a tie for fourth place with their Vick pick.

This week’s top performers:


I feel dirty about two of my wins this week. Trailing by almost 60 points in one league, I won thanks to our top quarterback this week, Michael Vick. Vick ran for a pair of scores, threw four and had his first 300-yard passing game since before he was jailed. He scored 49 points in standard ESPN leagues and certainly scored more in other formats. Runner up: Tom Brady, 32 points.

Running backs

Keiland Williams? Yep, we all saw that one coming, especially since Ryan Torain was scheduled to start. Williams scored three touchdowns, two on the ground and one through the air. He also had almost 150 yards from scrimmage to amass 31 fantasy points. Runner up: Fred Jackson, 26 points.

Wide receivers

Benefiting from Denver’s early-game onslaught, Dwayne Bowe rode the garbage train to 12 catches for 186 yards and two scores. He scored 30 fantasy points in helping Matt Cassel to an outstanding fantasy performance. Runners up: Roddy White, Mike Wallace (tie), 25 points.

Tight end

Another one to add to our saw-that-coming list, Rob Gronkowski outscored Anthony Fasano, Kevin Boss and Zach Miller (the other one) in a virtual Who’s That? of fantasy tight ends. Gronkowski only had five catches for 72 yards, but got three of them into the end zone. Runner up: Anthony Fasano, 16 points.

Week 10 picks and results

Team Wk10 QB RB WR TE
1 Super Friends 5 Vick Charles SJohnson Keller
2 Gridiron Assassins 5 Vick Mendenhall Nicks VDavis
3 Roving Kittens 5 Vick Gore Wayne Tamme
4 L’Inconnue 5 Vick CJohnson BLloyd Tamme
5 69ers 5 Vick Foster CJohnson VDavis
6 Stepdads 5 Vick Foster Wayne Keller
7 Brandon 5 Vick Best Marshall Cooley
8 Gridiron Midgetz 0 Flacco MJD Nicks Tamme
9 Cartisimo 0 PManning CJohnson Nicks Tamme
10 Krause 0 Garrard Foster CJohnson MLewis
11 George 0 Garrard Mendenhall RMoss Tamme
12 Chknheds/pigeons 0 EManning Foster RMoss VDavis
13 RockChalk 0 Freeman ABradshaw Maclin Moeaki
14 You’ve Ben Violated 0 PManning AP Sims-Walker Keller
15 An Offer…Refuse 0 Schaub Blount DJax Tamme
16 Reider’s MeatBeaters 0 EManning CJohnson CJohnson Tamme
17 Prairievols 0 EManning Bradshaw DJackson MLewis
18 Sinister Frat Party x
19 Monk x
20 Steeler4Life x
21 jzak x
22 TDs N Beer x
23 The VanBuren Boys x
24 Intercont. Champs x
25 Jay-Mo’s Bros x
26 Japanda x
27 The Losers x
28 Norx x
29 Urine Trouble x
30 Christian Schwarz x
31 The Inconvenient Truth x
32 Off Constantly x
33 Boner Jams x
34 Doppler Effect x
35 EZE x
36 NoFatChicks x
37 OJ’s Carpool x
38 Rubber Nickles x
39 Sockonfl x

Overall standings

Team Totpts
1 Super Friends 40
2 Gridiron Assassins 30
3 Sinister Frat Party 30
4 Gridiron Midgetz 25
5 Roving Kittens 25
6 L’Inconnue 20
7 69ers 20
8 Cartisimo 20
9 Krause 20
10 Monk 15
11 George 15
12 Chknheds/pigeons 15
13 Steeler4Life 15

Rules reminder

The entire NFL universe is eligible. Only the top fantasy quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end count each week. Each correct pick at any of the four positions is worth five points (not their weekly fantasy total). Bonus points are awarded for getting more than one pick correct in a week. Weekly points breakdown reminder:

  • Get one pick at QB, RB, WR or TE correct = 5 points
  • Get two positions in the same week correct = 15 points (two correct choices +5 bonus points)
  • Get three positions in the same week correct = 25 points (three correct choices +10 bonus points)
  • Pick all four positions correct = 35 points (four correct choices +15 bonus points)

The original article has a more detailed explanation of the scoring/lineups and Week 1′s selection thread.

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Like we said above, make your Week 11 picks in the comments. The race for November and the overall points title is still on.

Good luck to all.

21 Responses to “Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 10 results, Week 11 picks”

  1. Brandon

    QB: M. Vick
    RB: P. Hillis
    WR: B. Edwards
    TE: V. Davis

    Week 11 Picks!!!

  2. Christian Schwarz

    QB-Drew Brees
    RB-Chris Johnson
    WR-Roddy White
    TE-Dustin Keller

  3. Jaime

    Super Friends

    QB: P.Rivers
    RB: F.Gore
    WR: Megatron
    TE: A.Fasano

  4. Brohamma

    Gridiron Midgitz

    QB – Brees

    RB – Rice

    WR – R. Moss

    TE – M. Lewis

  5. Reggie Dunlop

    Gridiron Assassins

    QB – Mike Vick
    RB – Frank Gore
    WR – Roddy White
    TE – Antonio Gates

  6. Vonstradamus

    QB – Kitna
    RB – Turner
    WR – Nicks
    TE – Heap

  7. Ike


    QB: M. Vick
    WR: Roddy White
    RB: Ray Rice
    TE: Vernon Davis

  8. Krause

    QB- P Rivers
    RB- F Gore
    WR- R White
    TE- A Gates

  9. Reider's MeatBeaters

    QB – P. Rivers
    WR – R. White
    RB – C. Johnson
    TE – V. Davis

  10. L’Inconnue





  11. Rockchalk

    QB- A. Rogers
    RB- R. Rice
    WR- M. Colston
    TE- M. Lewis

  12. Chickenheads&Pigeons





  13. Monk

    QB: VICK
    RB: MJD
    WR: BOWE

  14. Consigliere

    QB: Brees
    RB: CJ2K
    WR: Calvin “megatron” Johnson
    TE: Jason Witten

  15. cartisimo

    Phil rivers
    Frank gore
    Roddy white
    Dustin keller

  16. ep

    Intercontinental Champions
    QB: Mike Vick
    RB: Peyton Hillis
    WR: Brandon Lloyd
    TE: Dustin Keller

  17. Sam

    Roving Kittens
    QB – M. Vick
    RB – A. Bradhsaw
    WR – D. Jackson
    TE – A. Gates

    late this time :-(

  18. Reggie Dunlop

    I don’t know if this is legit, but since Gates is out, I’ll take McMichael instead if allowed.

  19. ep

    Just for clarification, the time on our site never reset for daylight savings. My picks were actually made at 12:03 p.m. Sunday. Sam made his at 4:18 and Reggie Dunlop made his change at 8:14 p.m. Monday.

    The time has been fixed. All posts and comments will now reflect the real time.

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