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Chinstrap Ninjas Football contest: Week 1 results and Week 2 picks

As expected, a low-scoring affair in Week 1. Only seven teams earned five points so this contest is as wide open as it gets. Make your Week 2 picks in the comments. New entries are encouraged. We’ll pick monthly and season winners so it’s never a bad time to join up. Again only the NFL players with the best fantasy total at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end score points.

The top players this week were QB Peyton Manning, RB Arian Foster, WR Hakeem Nicks and TE Marcedes Lewis. They were each worth five points (bonus points if you picked more than one correctly). Every other player in the NFL was worth 0 points.

Not surprisingly, nobody picked Nicks or Lewis. However, congratulations to Ike’s 69ers, who bravely started Arian Foster this week and reaped the 5-point reward. Six other teams selected Peyton Manning. Let’s check out the results:

Contest results for Week 1

Team WK1 QB RB
1 69ers 5 Brees AFoster
2 Cartisimo 5 PManning CJohnson
3 jzak 5 PManning MJD
4 Sinister Frat Party 5 PManning FGore
5 TDs N Beer 5 PManning CJohnson
6 The VanBuren Boys 5 PManning RBrown
7 Urine Trouble 5 PManning MTurner
8 3rdman/Harry Lime Revng 0 MStafford CJohnson
9 An Offer…Refuse 0 Schaub Mathews
10 Doppler Effect 0 Schaub JBest
11 EZE 0 Cutler CJSpiller
12 Gridiron Assassins 0 Rivers Gore
13 Gridiron Midgetz 0 Cutler Mathews
14 Intercont. Champs 0 Cutler CJohnson
15 Jay-Mo’s Bros 0 Rodgers RBrown
16 Ninja Combat Class 0 Cutler Charles
17 NoFatChicks 0 Rivers CJohnson
18 Off Constantly 0 Brees Gore
19 OJ’s Carpool 0 Rodgers Hightwoer
20 Rubber Nickles 0 Brady CJohnson
21 Sockonfl 0 Cutler CJohnson,
22 Stepdads 0 Rodgers Gore
23 Super Friends 0 Cutler Gore
24 The Inconvenient Truth 0 Cutler Gore
25 The Losers 0 Stafford Bradshaw
26 You’ve Ben Violated 0 Brady gore


I have a feeling bonus points, especially multiple bonuses are going to be hard to come by. This should be a wide open race right down to the final week.

Weekly points breakdown reminder:

  • Get one pick at QB, RB, WR or TE correct = 5 points
  • Get two picks in the same week correct = 15 points (two correct choices +5 bonus points)
  • Get three picks in the same week correct = 25 points (three correct choices +10 bonus points)
  • Get all four picks correct = 35 points (four correct choices +15 bonus points)

The original article has a more detailed explanation of the scoring and Week 1’s selection thread.

Have at it folks, make your picks for Week 2 in the comments.

27 Responses to “Chinstrap Ninjas Football contest: Week 1 results and Week 2 picks”

  1. cartisimo

    Qb Phillip rivers
    RB Maurice jones-drew
    Wr roddy white
    Te Dallas Clark

  2. Reggie Dunlop

    Gridiron Assassins

    QB – Drew Brees
    RB – Steven Jackson
    WR – Miles Austin
    TE – Antonio Gates

  3. Japanda

    QB- Peyton Manning

    RB- Darren McFadden

    WR- Miles Austin

    TE- Visanthe Shiancoe

  4. Ike


    QB – Drew Brees
    RB – Arian Foster
    WR – Roddy White
    TE – Vernon Davis

  5. Gues

    Krause’s Ninja Combat Class

    QB- Aaron Rodgers
    RB- Arian Foster
    WR- Roddy White
    TE- Visanthe Shiancoe

  6. Brohamma

    Gridiron Midgetz

    wk 2

    QB – Drew Brees
    RB – DeAngelo Williams
    WR – Malcom Floyd
    TE – Jermichael Finley

  7. Spaiderade

    Week 2

    The Inconvenient Truth

    QB – Peyton Manning
    RB – Michael Turner
    WR – Steve Smith(Car)
    TE – Shiancoe

  8. Troy Pfuntner

    QB- Brees
    RB- Foster
    WR- A. Johnson

  9. Troy Pfuntner

    QB- Brees
    RB- Foster
    WR- A. Johnson
    TE- Cooley

  10. Vonstradamus

    You’ve Ben Violated

    QB – Vick
    RB – Charles
    WR – Jennings
    TE – Gates

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  12. Consigliere

    QB: Philip Rivers
    RB: DeAngelo Williams
    WR: Brandon Marhall
    TE: Tony Scheffler

  13. George

    QB: Micheal Vic
    RB: Ryan Mathews
    WR: Randy Moss
    TE: Dallas Clark

  14. Jaime

    Super Friends

    QB – Tony Romo
    RB – Steven Jackson
    WR – Andre Johnson
    TE – Antonio Gates

  15. Steeler4Life

    qb – Schaub
    rb – MJD
    wr – r moss
    te – gates

  16. TexasBest

    Off Constantly

    QB – Aaron Rodgers

    WR – Wes Welker

    RB – Jamaal Charles

    TE – Tony Gonzales

  17. Boner Jams

    QB – Philip Rivers
    RB – MJD
    WR – Roddy White
    TE – Kellen Winslow

  18. CJones

    TDs ‘N Beer

    QB: Peyton Manning
    RB: Adrian Peterson
    WR: Reggie Wayne
    TE: Dallas Clark

    basically the entire Colts offense…

  19. Monk

    The 3rd Man or Harry Lime’s revenge

    QB : Vick
    RB : SJax
    WR : A. Johnson
    TE : Z. Miller

  20. tintin

    Sinister Frat Party

    QB: Peyton Manning

    RB: Jahvid Best

    WR: Roddy White

    TE: Antonio Gates

  21. Norx

    QB: Philip Rivers

    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw

    WR: Greg Jennings

    TE: Antonio Gates

  22. Chickenheads&Pigeons

    RB:D Williams
    WR:A JOhnson

  23. Jay-Mo

    Jay-Mo’s Bros

    Week 2

    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    RB-Jamaal Charles
    WR-Brandon Marshall
    TE-Antonio Gates

  24. jzak

    QB: Michael Vick
    RB: Steven Jackson
    WR: Roddy White
    TE: Visanthe Shiancoe

  25. ep

    Intercontinental Champs

    QB: Michael Vick
    RB: Steven Jackson
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald
    TE: Chris Cooley

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