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Consigliere’s bold predictions for the 2010 NFL and fantasy football season

Here are Consigliere’s bold predictions for the NFL season and fantasy season. … Feel free to comment on them or provide your own predictions.

  1. The New York Jets will finish 9-7 and miss the playoffs.
  2. Jermichael Finley will finish as the #1 fantasy tight end.
  3. Matt Stafford will finish as a top 10 quarterback fantasy wise.
  4. Miles Austin will not finish in the top 15 for fantasy wide receivers.
  5. Calvin Johnson will assert himself in the talks of top wideout selected next year.
  6. Chris Johnson will get over 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 15 touchdowns.
  7. Donald Brown will outperform Joseph Addai.
  8. Shonn Greene will not make it through the season without missing a game or more.
  9. Aaron Rodgers will get over 5,000 yards passing.
  10. Vincent Jackson will sign by week three and render Malcolm Floyd useless.
  11. Antonio Gates will finish outside the top 5 for tight ends.
  12. Mike Williams of Tampa Bay will be a top 20 wide receiver.
  13. Brett Favre will not be a top 10 quarterback and on top of that has a horrible come back year.
  14. Brett Favre will return for another season.
  15. Ben Roethlisberger will return from being wrongly suspended and lead the Steelers to the playoffs.
  16. Larry Fitzgerald will not be in the top 10 wideouts.
  17. The Houston Texan Defense will be the surprise defense everyone is looking for.
  18. The Detroit Lions Defense will be among the top 5 in sacks.
  19. Darren McFadden will remove the bust title and be known as the “steal of the draft”
  20. If you read and follow Chinstrap Ninjas you will make the playoffs and have a 75% chance of winning your league title.

Let me know what your bold predictions are and what you think of mine.

13 Responses to “Consigliere’s bold predictions for the 2010 NFL and fantasy football season”

  1. Consigliere

    Testing the ability to post.

  2. Jay-Mo

    Love the bravado and owning your stance … I salute you, especially for being on my side about the freakin’ Jets. Seriously, they were lucky to even make the playoffs and were a 30-yard FG away from losing to the Chargers.

    I think we all should temper our excitement about Mike Williams. It is preseason, he’s playing against coverages and corners he certainly won’t see in the regular and plays the X position, which calls for him really to only go deep (How often will Freeman have time to hit Williams on deep routes when facing defensive pressure he certainly isn’t facing in the preseason). I’ll admit, I was much higher on Arrelious Benn, who is making me look real stupid, and Williams has the potential to make a Mike Sims-Walker. I just don’t think it’s this year. Rookie WR don’t make Top 20 impact, and he plays for Tampa.

    The McFadden prediction is bold, I’ll pat you on the back for that one.

    I’m definitely with you about Miles Austin, way too much hype for a guy playing for a QB who will be spending most of his time on his back this season. Have you seen the Cowboys’ offensive line?

    The Donald Brown call is ridiculous, but I’ll give one from me just as crazy … C.J. Spiller will score more TDs than Adrian Peterson. And for extra credit, Percy Harvin will score more TDs than Miles Austin … :)

  3. Consigliere

    @Jay-Mo: As always thanks for the read.

    I am hoping to go about 70% here. We shall see on the donald brown call and i agree Harvin could score more than Austin.

    Thanks again and happy drafting

  4. Monk

    They dont call them bold predictions for nothing.
    I guess i have a couple comments… (in no particular order)

    Any bold prediction relating to Cowboys under-performing I agree with.
    Any Bold predictions having to do with the Texans over-performing, I agree with.
    I am with you on the Donald Brown call and have been there for a while. Addai just isn’t good enough to keep any young hungry back out of the picture imo.
    The Packers have a pretty tough road to travel for two of your predictions to come to fruition, making them all that better if they do.
    I agree that VJax will play a substantial amount this year, but NOT undermine Floyd’s value.
    I think that any predictions having to do with any Raider doing anything positive are bold by their very nature.
    I think that any predictions having to do with Brett Favre are incapable of being bold by their very nature.
    I think Sam Bradford will have the same fantasy relevance as Matthew Stafford. Or better.
    And if that wasn’t bold enough for you, I predict that 3 Running Backs this year will have over 2000 total yards, and that only one of them will be named CJ2K, AP, MJD or Rice.
    And my money is on Ray Rice, I think it’s B-Mo year, I believe they lose the Superbowl to The Packers 30-20.

  5. Consigliere

    @Monk: thanks for the read and comment.

    I love the favre comment. God I hate that guy.
    Bradford to out perform stafford now that’s bold.
    I’d say one better that there could be four 2000 yard backs.
    And an even bolder prediction… Frank Gore plays all 16 games.

    Thanks again and happy drafting.

  6. ep

    @Consigliere: Great post and some very bold stuff up there.
    Love the Fitz, McFadden and Lions D picks, among others.

    This is a great thread in the comments, too.

    I’m not feeling terribly bold this season — although, it appears as though sticking with Miles Austin as my No. 1 makes me pretty bold in some circles — but here are a couple:

    Marion Barber will outscore Felix Jones.
    Santana Moss will be a top 10 receiver.
    … So will Michael Crabtree.
    Combine the fantasy points from Mike Bell and Leonard Weaver and they will outscore LeSean McCoy in 2010. Easily.
    LaDainian Tomlinson will be a top 15 running back.

  7. ep

    @Monk: Nice Super Bowl pick and even nicer zingers on Favre and the Raiders.

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  9. Mike

    Have you guys ever seen Miles Austin play??????

  10. Consigliere


    yes I have and I hope he does well drafted him in a few leagues. but if there is one team that can find a way to fall flat on their face its the cowboys.

    Ep loves Austin I like him as well. I hope he does well but something tells me he could be a flat.

  11. Mike

    After one game Austin looks to me to be as strong as ever. I’m not just saying that in terms of his fantasy points, but he looks like a WR1, he is tough to take down, gets open a lot, and catches the balls he should. He is a threat to break a tackle and go an extra 20 yards or more on every catch. I can only think he will be even more dangerous as the Cowboys’ offensive line gets healthy.

  12. Consigliere


    Couldn’t agree more. After watching that display I am a believer. As you said he came in and out of breaks well and ran with a purpose.

    Looked like a faster Brandon Marshall/Anquan Boldin

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