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Daily hitters to stack and Draft Kings value plays for Thursday, April 9

Yesterday, my stack chart was 1. SF, 2. DET, 3. OAK.

It was the first time I put it together so I was unsure. I looked around on some other sites, looked at some more statistics and came up with a more realistic list. Of course, Detroit started early so they were off the board because of when I posted the column. San Francisco and Oakland made it in my other teams to stack list.

Last night those top three teams on my list racked up 26 runs and 39 hits. Tonight, good/bad/fluky/whatever I’m sticking with my list.

Teams to stack for Thursday, April 9

Houston vs. Trevor Bauer — Bauer is a GPP option tonight. He can be volatile, allowing seven or more hits in seven starts last season and four or more runs in eight. He had a 8.31 ERA on May 25 last season before settling in. Top targets: Jose Altuve, Evan Gattis, George Springer, Luis Valbuena.

Detroit vs. Kyle Gibson — Gibson improved in almost every way measurable by a metric from 2013 to his second season last year. Still the numbers say he won’t be able to slow down this potent Tigers offense today. Top targets: Miguel Cabrera would be my top hitter today if I was ranking all hitters, J.D. Martinez, Yoenis Cespedes, Ian Kinsler and Nick Castellanos.

Toronto vs. CC Sabathia — Like I said in the pitcher rankings article, there are some discrepancies in Sabathia numbers today. That makes him a risky play in cash games but an interesting option in tournament play. The same goes for this Blue Jays stack. That said, I’ll definitely have a stack from this lineup today. Top targets: Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacion, Steve Tolleson, Jose Reyes, Kevin Pillar.

Other lineup stacks to consider: San Francisco vs. Ian Kennedy, Oakland vs. Nick Martinez, Cincinnati vs. A.J. Burnett and Boston vs. David Buchanan.

Value plays

I’m going to keep these short and sweet and recommend you check starting lineups closer to first pitch. Any player who gets a spot start should be considered, especially if they are on one of the stacking teams above or if they are batting among the top four in the order.

Here are a couple examples:

M.A. (Michael) Taylor, WAS, $3,200, is batting leadoff for the Nationals today

Anthony Gose, DET, $3,600, is batting leadoff for the Tigers

Jose Ramirez, CLE, $3,400, is batting second for the Indians

Luis Valbuena, HOU, $3,800 is batting third for the Astros

Adam Eaton, Alcides Escobar and Danny Santana are also each hitting leadoff today at $3,900, which is a bit more than the players above, but they still have the potential to provide good value.

Also, because there are a bunch of early games following night games, there are supreme catcher values. Roberto Perez and Tony Sanchez are both starting at a cost of just $2,300. It’s not likely, but if one of them pops a homer or a two-run double, you’ve got a huge first step toward a GPP-winning lineup.

Good luck today and every day.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: EP has been playing fantasy sports since 1996. He is among the top third of overall players at RotoGrinders.com. He won two NBA GPPs this season, his first dedicating significant time to NBA lineups, and is among the top 32% of hockey players. He’ll use the same methods in an attempt to crack an MLB tournament in 2015.

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