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Downgrade all your Rams… sigh


St. Louis Rams=Pathetic

St. Louis Rams-Marc Bulger=ridiculously pathetic

Two simple formulas that say so much. How could Scott Linehan think benching one of his stars will turn this team around? If anything, bench the so-ineffective-it’s-stupid O-line.


Instead of potential change for the good, we get Trent Green, who’s brain probably looks like it’s been thrown against a brick wall a few hundred times. He’ll probably be throwing to an imaginary Tony Gonzalez streaking down the field. Some Buffalo Bills DBs are going to get early Halloween treats.

Since his first stint with the Rams, Green played several years with the Chiefs, but was let go in 06. Yeah, the same team debating whether they’re going to start Damon Huard or Tyler Thigpen this week. Then he ended up with the Dolphins, who won one game last year. They didn’t want him either. The Dolphins!

So, here we are 2008 Week 4 and another Worst Team in the NFL is trotting Green out there. I will be shocked if this move doesn’t make Torry Holt and Steven Jackson bad plays this week in even the deepest fantasy leagues.

The only saving grace might come if Green suffers concussion No. 382 — likely since Bulger has spent more time picking himself up off the turf than actually under center — a disgruntled Rams team goes out there with their real QB at the helm and proves Linehan an idiot for benching him.

3 Responses to “Downgrade all your Rams… sigh”

  1. jzak

    I am happy that I don’t own any Rams on my teams, but anyone with Steven Jackson (especially) has to be sweating this situation out. Jackson has produced well fantasy-wise despite the lack of touchdowns so far this season, especially in points-per-reception leagues, but anyone who thinks he’ll be a top-five fantasy player the rest of the way is downright delusional.

    Now, I wouldn’t be opposed to deal for Jackson if the price is right as a buy-low option, but the key here is ‘LOW’. For example, if Chris Perry tears things up this week against the Browns and Jackson again struggles, some may be willing to deal their Jackson for your Perry (while I like Perry, he does have a long history of injury issues and the Bengals offense still isn’t inspiring me to jump on their season-long bandwagon just yet).


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