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Draft Kings hitter stacks and starting pitcher rankings for Tuesday, April 14

If you want to use Stephen Strasburg or Mookie Betts today, you may have to do some digging. They are part of All Day or early listings.

The standard games all start with the 7:05 opening pitch games. We’re still going to rank everybody because there’s plenty of time to put lineups into the contests.

There are rain concerns at three games — Yankees at Orioles, Marlins at Braves and Athletics at Astros.

There are a lot of potential hitter values out there today, including Mark Canha at 1B and OF, Anthony Gose at OF, Marwin Gonzalez at 3B and SS and D.J. LaMahieu at 2B and 3B. Canha is my new jam. Seriously, he’s hitting .367 with a .934 OPS, 7 RBIs and is averaging 12.3 fantasy points per game at a salary of just $3,400. He’s in all but one of my lineups today.

You’ll always want to make sure these players are starting closer to opening pitch. Any low-priced player hitting among the top four in the order is worth a look, especially if they play for one of the teams in my stacking list.

Hitters to stack for Tuesday, April 14

1 LA Angels Martinez
2 Toronto Andriese
3 Oakland Wojciechowski
4 Houston Graveman
5 Baltimore Sabathia
6 Texas Rucinski

Colorado isn’t on the list. They are always in play for a stack, but Las Vegas thinks they’ll be near the bottom in projected runs today playing in the pitcher friendly AT&T Park in San Francisco.

I have extra confidence in Oakland and Toronto because Asher Wojciechowski and Matt Andriese are at the very bottom of my pitcher rankings today. From what I’ve read this could be a huge day for Adam Jones and Steve Pearce based on previous performance and left/right splits so I have some confidence in the Baltimore stack against C.C. Sabathia as well.

In a moment you’ll see Drew Rucinski is our top bargain bin play of the day, but based on the chart above he also has the potential to get blasted out of the park. Risks win tournaments. throw .25 cents at a Rucinski-Matt Harvey lineup and throw .25 cents at a Texas stack and let’s see what happens.

We had a let’s-see-what-happens moment yesterday when we looked at six pitchers likely to give up homers. Three of them did, but the list didn’t include Scott Feldman who gave up three. Predicting homers is one of the toughest things to do in sports, but more good information is usually better. Here’s the list of pitchers Rotogrinders’ algorithms think are most likely to give up a dinger today: Scott Baker vs. Seattle, Anthony Desclafini vs. Chicago Cubs, Miguel Gonzalez vs. Yankees, Nick Martinez vs. Los Angeles Angels and Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Los Angeles Dodgers.

Baker is the top pitcher in that list by a lot, so the Mariners should also be a potential stacking candidate in tournaments.

While Jeremy Hellickson will appear below as a sleeper starter, there are a handful of indicators that we might want to stack the Padres against him instead of starting him.

Starting pitcher rankings for Tuesday, April 14

1 Jake Arrieta CHC CIN 8600 3 3 5 6 12 5.80
2 Matt Harvey NYM PHI $9,300 1 4 17 1 10 6.60
3 Justin Masterson BOS WAS $7,000 10 18 4 7 5 8.80
4 O. Despaigne SDP ARI $6,400 4 9 8 21 2 8.80
5 Jeremy Hellickson ARI SDP $6,300 23 1 3 18 2 9.40
6 Drew Rucinski LAA TEX 5,500 12 5 7 10 15 9.80
7 Miguel Gonzalez BAL NYY $6,100 7 10 9 15 11 10.40
8 S. Strasburg WAS BOS $9,600 17 11 18 5 5 11.20
9 Shane Greene DET PIT $5,800 19 23 1 11 3 11.40
10 A.J. Burnett PIT DET $8,000 8 22 24 4 3 12.20
11 CC Sabathia NYY BAL $8,200 20 21 6 3 11 12.20
12 Trevor Cahill ATL MIA $5,300 11 13 13 12 19 13.60
13 K. Graveman OAK HOU $5,100 9 8 2 26 25 14.00
14 C. Carrasco CLE CWS $8,800 6 17 29 2 18 14.40
15 A. Desclafani CIN CHC $6,000 24 6 22 8 12 14.40
16 C. Bergman COL SFG $5,200 25 14 10 25 1 15.00
17 Daniel Norris TOR TBR $5,600 5 15 15 13 28 15.20
18 Tim Hudson SFG COL $6,800 2 26 25 23 1 15.40
19 Tom Koehler MIA ATL $5,900 14 2 27 17 19 15.80
20 Hisashi Iwakuma SEA LAD $9,100 16 24 12 16 14 16.40
21 Scott Baker LAD SEA 4400 13 16 20 19 14 16.40
22 Nick Martinez TEX LAA $4,900 15 19 16 20 15 17.00
23 Jose Quintana CWS CLE $7,900 21 7 28 14 18 17.60
24 David Buchanan PHI NYM $5,400 26 12 21 22 10 18.20
25 Matt Andriese TBR TOR $4,100 22 25 14 9 28 19.60
26 A. Wojciechowski HOU OAK $4,300 18 20 26 24 25 22.60

Odrisamer Despaigne stands out as a huge potential sleeper today, pitching for the Padres in San Diego’s pitcher’s park at a salary of just $6,400. There is some indication his strikeout total might not be great, but the Diamondbacks have struck out eighth most. The Las Vegas sportsbooks also think the Padres are the fourth most likely to win today.

Stephen Strasburg probably has the most talent of any pitcher on the list, but Las Vegas isn’t keen on his chances of winning today.

Jake Arrieta and Matt Harvey are solidly at the top of this list and feel like the safest plays of the day.

Jeremy Hellickson, $6,300, and Drew Rucinski, $5,500, are potential bargain basement sleepers today, both have risks, but if they hit your lineup is probably going to cash in any format because you’ll have quite a bit of extra money to throw around.

Justin Masterson, at $7,000, is a too expensive to be a bargain basement value and he’s too cheap to be a stud. He also feels like a risky play, but those strikeout rankings and ballpark factor are enticing. Because his salary is in a no-man’s land, he might also go lesser owned than the Strasburgs and the Rucinskis.

Before I go, be sure to try out Draft Kings‘ other contests if you haven’t already. I had a couple baseball lineups fall just out of the money in the closing moments of the late games, but I broke even because of an NBA win. The NHL playoffs start Wednesday, I’ve had some good fortune playing those games this season. And there are 25-cent contests in MMA, PGA and international soccer as well.

Good luck today and every day.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: EP has been playing fantasy sports since 1996. He is among the top third of overall players at RotoGrinders.com. He won two NBA GPPs this season, his first dedicating significant time to NBA lineups, and is among the top 32% of hockey players. He’ll use the same methods in an attempt to crack an MLB tournament in 2015.

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