2016 Draft Kit

Draft Kings NBA top plays for Wednesday, March 11

Some family got stranded in town today. I had to give them a ride home so I am way behind schedule.

These are some value plays I’ll be using. I like to check a lot of sources to make sure I’m not missing stuff, but I’m going to be able to do that today.

I’ll give you a value pick and at least one other player I’m considering for each position.

As always, check player news and lineups before tipoff. You can’t survive with a zero on the board. Also, if a bench player is going to start, get three times as many minutes as usual and has shown signs of life in the past, you should consider getting him in your lineup. Starting those $3,000 players who score 30 points are the key to winning big tournaments.

Draft Kings NBA top plays for Wednesday, March 11

Point guard

Value play: Aaron Brooks, $4,800

Other plays: Russell Westbrook, $12,500, is always in play, but his salary is so high that I’m going in another direction tonight.  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, $6,500

Shooting guard

Value play: Gerald Green, $3,000, (if he starts), Jamal Crawford, $5,000, (if he starts)

Other plays: James Harden, $10,800 is always in play. Eric Bledsoe, $7,600

Small forward

Value play: Tony Snell, $4,000, or Mike Dunleavy, $3,800

Other plays: Rudy Gay, $7,600, isn’t a Westbrook or a Harden but, for me, he’s always in play with the potential to be the top-scoring SF on nights when LeBron and Durant are off/injured. P.J. Tucker, $5,500 or Nicolas Batum, $6,400.

Power forward

Value play: Marcus Morris, $3,800

Other plays: I’m going with two PFs tonight and I wouldn’t fault you for going with three. Pau Gasol, $8,600, and Nikola Mirotic, $6,400, get the 76ers, Paul Millsap, $7,800, gets the Nuggets, Markieff Morris, $5,900, gets the Timberwolves, Draymond Green, $7,200, gets Detroit


Value play: Spencer Hawes, $3,900, Tyler Zeller, $3,600, or Andrew Bogut, $4,500

Other plays: The reason I’m only going with two PFs is because I want to go with two Cs tonight as well. Teams that can’t defend PFs usually also struggle againts Cs. Joakim Noah, $6,700, vs. 76ers, Al Horford, $7,500 vs. Nuggets. DeAndre Jordan, $9,000, Al Jefferson, $7,600, Marc Gasol, $7,500, and DeMarcus Cousins, $9,700, are all underpriced.


Good luck tonight and every night.

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