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Draft Kings starting pitchers and hitters to target for Saturday, May 2

The Matt HarveyChris Young pitcher pairing worked out perfectly yesterday, but I didn’t do enough research on my hitters.

So, today, I did a bit extra. There are three different Quarter Arcade tournament types at Draft Kings today — early, regular and late, so there will be a lot of natural differentiation.

That is one of the tools we need to take advantage of when we can, so hopefully a little extra effort pays off.

As I’ve done the last few days, I’m only putting together lists of pitchers i really want to consider instead of ranking all of them.

Here are my top pitcher choices for today:

Corey Kluber, $9,400 — Toronto is in the top third of teams that strike out and his WHIP indicates he should be pitching better than he has been.

Mike Fiers, $7,800 — Fiers tops the strikeout list and his WHIP (1.93) looks like it had way too many cheeseburgers at the spring festival today. His career WHIP is 1.23. The Cubs have struck out the fifth-most times in baseball this season. I expect that WHIP to start it’s descent today.

Cole Hamels, $10,000 — When I picked my initial lineup, mostly to reserve my spot, Hamels looked like the best pick. The Marlins have struck out sixth most in MLB and the game is in Marlins Park, the seventh best pitcher’s park in the game. This is also expected to be one of the lowest scroing games of the day. Unfortunately, Hamels is expected to be on the wrong end of win/loss equation.

Jake Arrieta, $9,100 — I start with strikeouts and Arrieta scored well on that chart to go along with facing the Brewers have been pretty good at missing pitches this season, striking out sixth-most.

John Lackey, $7,600 — If you’ve read my stuff, you know you need to read the blurbs. Personally, I’m liking John Lackey quite a bit today. He’s got positive marks almost across the board, more than Kluber and Arrieta and Fiers and Hamels. The Pirates have struck out fourth most and are expected to score the least amount of runs today. Lackey should pitch late into the game. It’s a good weighted on-base-average matchup. The one strike against Lackey is that he wasn’t high on my initial strikeout chart. After four games it appears we may need to think about Lackey, 36, as less of a strikeout pitcher, but his career K/9 is 7.09. In this instance, I think he comes through.

Jorge de la Rosa, $6,600 — I try to give you a low-priced sleeper in this last spot. De la Rosa isn’t exactly minimum priced, but he has a lot in his favor at a very reasonable price. he’s pitching in San Diego, which is great. His WHIP (2.29) is fatter than Fiers’s. Now, he doesn’t have elite WHIP expectations, his career number is 1.45, but that’s still awfully better than his numbers indicate so far this season. He also pitches in one of the games with the lowest under/under of the day

If you need to go bargain basement, consider: Drew Pomeranz, Jason Marquis and Scott Baker.

Hitter stacks to target

  1. Minnesota vs. Hector Noesi
  2. Boston vs. Nathan Eovaldi
  3. White Sox vs. Ricky Nolasco
  4. Oakland vs. Nick Martinez
  5. Yankees vs. Wade Miley
  6. Houston vs. Taijuan Walker

Boston, Minnesota, Oakland and the Yankees are projected to score the most runs today. While the White Sox aren’t on that list, they are playing in the game with the second-highest over/under of the day at 9 runs. The Yankees-Red Sox game is at 9.5.

Other hitters.

If you’re trying to finish out a lineup, taking a hitter from any of the stackable teams above is a good choice.

Also strongly consider: Mark Teixeira, 1B; Hanley Ramirez, SS/OF; Andre Ethier, OF; Albert Pujols, 1B; Matt Kemp, OF, Danny Santana, SS/OF; Alexei Ramirez, SS; George Springer, OF; Josh Reddick, OF; Brian McCann, C; Jake Marisnick, OF, Joc Pederson, OF; Todd Frazier, 1B/3B; Jay Bruce, OF; Ryan Braun, OF; Mike Trout, OF; Aramis Ramirez, 3B; Alberto Callaspo, 2B/3B; Carlos Santana, C; Grady Sizemore, OF.

Sizemore is purely a punt play. He does, however, have quite a good track record against Dan Haren. Those first three guys are cornerstone players for me today. I’ll have them in just about every lineup if they’re starting. I also have Danny Santana and Alexei Ramirez in more than one lineup. Santana has great flexibility because of his dual position eligibility. Both players are in that White Sox-Twins tilt that Las Vegas thinks is going to get out of hand.

Good luck today and every day.

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