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Eight third basemen to target in your 2010 fantasy baseball draft

While many people consider 3B to be a weak position, it’s not that bad if you factor in the sleepers.

One of my favorite sleepers this season — Ian Stewart — is at third base. I also think Mark Reynolds is as good as he was last year. That puts me in the minority according to a lot of other sites. Of course going along with a lot of other sites wouldn’t be very Ninja, would it?

Speaking of Ninjas, if you draft with jzak and myself, you can be certain that we’ll end up with a couple of these third basemen in 2010.

Our composite and ADP rankings are must-read fantasy tools, but this list is a boiled down collection of our very favorites, conveniently listed in early-, late- and middle-round categories:

Early-round picks

Ryan Zimmerman — He’s a late early-round selection, but a favorite for both of us. Overpay for him in auction leagues and pick him a little early in your drafts.

jzak: Alex Rodriguez — It’s hard to argue against picking the best third baseman in the game. He doesn’t have the potential for 40 steals any more, but he’s got pure power and will produce plenty of runs and RBIs as well.

ep: Mark Reynolds — I don’t expect anything that will wow us like Mark Reynolds 2009 did, but even if we take away 10 steals and 10 homers, he’s still a 30-20 threat and one of the best hitters in baseball.

Middle-round picks

Ian Stewart — A pair of consensus middle-round selections. Stewart is easily one of my favorite players. I’m a fan of ignoring low batting averages for players who have the potential for 30-homer power — we should come up with a name for that kind of player. My vote goes to Uggla. Stewart’s an Uggla who’s eligible at 2B and 3B.

Adrian Beltre — Fenway is a better hitter’s park than SafeCo and Beltre still managed three consecutive season with 25 or more homers in Seattle before injuries derailed him in 2009. If he hits only 20 homers then he lives up to the expectations that come with this pick. If he hits 30, then picking him around 180 overall is going to seem like theft.

Late-round picks

Casey McGehee — A favorite of Ninjas everywhere, McGehee was good last season when he finally got a starting spot. I don’t see him losing his spot to the “more-talented” Mat Gamel. Yes, the quotes are on purpose. If he’s more talented, then why isn’t he the starting 3B?

jzak: Jake Fox — If the As boot Eric Chavez and if they wouldn’t have brought in Kevin Kouzmanoff, Fox would be a consensus pick without a doubt. I love his power potential, and as jzak’s nomination suggests, he’ll be too good for the Athletics to keep on the bench all season. He hit 11 homers in 216 at-bats in 2009.

ep: Brandon Wood — Like Fox, Wood’s kind of a consensus pick. However, I know jzak’s way more into picking Wood than I am about picking Fox. Wood is a highly touted prospect who hasn’t put it together at the major league level yet. Of course, he only has 224 career at-bats, so he hasn’t had much opportunity with the Angels either. Wood has a starting 3B gig and 30-homer power in 2010. He hit in the .290s in each of his last two seasons at AAA, so .270 or .280 isn’t out of the question either. You can pick Wood after the top 300 are gone.

For more rankings, sleepers, busts and targets, check out our 2010 fantasy baseball rankings page.

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