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Embrace your gut on draft day because it is smart

Over the coming weeks we’re all going to be inundated with more rankings, sleeper lists and strategies than we’ll ever be able to digest.

It’s standard fantasy sports doctrine that you make sure each pick is your own. You don’t pick Player X because the Chinstrap Ninjas say you should, pick him because you agree with the analysis and opinions the Chinstrap Ninjas have provided to you.

If you’ve done enough research, listen to your gut regardless of what the list in front of you says. Your gut is actually really smart. It’s scientifically proven to be smart. No joke.

An article at Scientific American goes into great detail about how you have a second brain located in your digestive system. There are sheaths of neurons — the bits that your brain uses when you say ill-advised things like “second-round pick Marco Scutaro!” — embedded in the long tube that does the digesting. Prepare to have your mind blown: There are more neurons in your gut than there are in your spinal cord.

The article goes on to say that your gut brain tells your head brain what to do all the time — it’s time to eat food, drink water, be sick, get rid of waste. They also say that mood and emotions are greatly influenced by our gut.

Now, the gut isn’t handling any of the high-end stuff — like reading, compiling your draft cheatsheet or making the final decision to have a 5-pound burrito for breakfast — but it doesn’t get enough credit for its complexity. Scientists say that while it does handle digesting that burrito, the gut is far too advanced to have just one use.

So, if a pick’s making you feel a bit queasy on draft day, take a deep breath and review your notes. Maybe it’s the fact you had a jalapeno and cheese bean burrito with extra hot sauce for breakfast. But it could also be that your two brains are conflicted on that Marco Scutaro selection.

You should really listen to the brain that’s telling you to not pick him.

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