Week 12 rankings/advice

Fantasy baseball 2011 composite rankings: The top 40 starting pitchers.

Know when you’re up against a wall and need to get something accomplished in a short amount of time and know that it is looking more and more bleak? I found myself in that sort of situation with the composite rankings series for the 2011 fantasy baseball season.

Luckily, chinstrapninja socko came to the rescue, helping to compile the composite rankings chart you’ll see below. Considering the timing of all this, I’ll bypass my typical drivel about players and what I’ll think will happen. I’ll save that for my bold predictions article.

So, once you are done checking out the rest of the composite fantasy baseball 2011 rankings ((Top 50 | C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | OF | SP | RP), feel free to check out the top 40 starting pitchers according to a merging of rankings from ESPN, MLB.com, SI, Yahoo and CBS.

1R. Halladay111115
2F. Hernandez2233313
3T. Lincecum3322414
4C. Lee4444521
5CC Sabathia7668229
6J. Lester8556832
7C. Kershaw571051340
8U. Jimenez101199746
9J. Johnson61777946
10J. Verlander998111047
11C. Hamels121611101564
12D. Price15201414669
13J. Weaver171416171175
14T. Hanson14819122275
15M. Latos161321161682
16C. Carpenter221015231484
17F. Liriano132213181884
18Z. Greinke111522152487
19D. Haren201212212388
20Y. Gallardo182118131989
21R. Oswalt191920201290
22M. Cain251817191796
23M. Scherzer2123282234128
24C. Buchholz2334253420136
25C. Billingsley2725242737140
26S. Marcum2827332432144
27B. Anderson2430392536154
28W. Rodriguez2924342644157
29P. Hughes4142273821169
30T. Hudson3629374226170
31R. Dempster3344322835172
32J. Danks3532303939175
33J. Sanchez2633293653177
34T. Lilly3926433545188
35M. Garza3428444538189
36D. Hudson3035383159193
37B. Morrow4039353055199
38G. Gonzalez3150462946202
39T. Cahill4245475428216
40R. Nolasco3241524451220

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