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Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 13 results Week 14 lineups

Ninjas, thanks for the concern and the compliments last week. It is appreciated.

We had a low turnout last week, I didn’t post a lineup myself, but half of the teams in our contest scored points and a couple others narrowly missed some tough-luck love.

As usual, read on to see what happened in the league or skip to the comments and post your lineup for Week 14.

A couple of our top-five overall teams kicked off December in a big way by starting Rob Gronkowski, who snuck a third rushing touchdown into the mix this week. Super Friends moved into second place overall and Dante Bruno moved into fifth thanks to the Patriots’ TE. Tom Hagen and Purple Coconuts also started Gronk and moved up the leaderboards.

Only one owner started our top quarterback, Cam Newton, who had a sick overall performance. Dr. Zoidberg staked his spot in the December race by starting the Panthers’ rookie.

Cartisimo started Aaron Rodgers, our lone tough-luck point-giver this week. The point kept his three-week scoring streak alive. He is tied with Super Friends for the longest active streak.

Jimmy Graham left six teams out in the cold. There were a handful of LeGarrette Blount starts — I might have started him myself with that matchup — but he disappointed. Brady also went scoreless for five teams.

Some interesting starts: Brandon started Tim Tebow and Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was a close fourth (the top four were within less than three full points of each other) and as likely to be the top back as our actual top back, Shonn Greene.

Team Name Here and 69ers each started Ray Rice, who was the No. 3 running back by just three tenths of a point, 27.7-27.4. 69ers and MoHawks also started Drew Brees, who was the No. 3 quarterback this week.

Chickenheads & Pigeons went off the beaten path, but still made two solid starts at quarterback, Tony Romo, and tight end, Antonio Gates. No other owners started either of those players.

Top performers for Week 13:


Cam Newton‘s overall performance on Sunday was the kind that makes opposing fantasy owners squirm. He only threw for 204 yards and a score, but rushed 14 times for 54 yards and three touchdowns and caught a 27-yard pass. He finished with 38.26 points. Aaron Rodgers had a more typical quarterback performance, throwing for 369, four TDs and a pick. He also rushed four times for 32 yards to finish with 31.96 points.

Running backs

As mentioned above, a quartet of running backs vied for the top spot this week. Shonn Greene, who rushed for 88 yards and three touchdowns and added 26 yards through the air, topped the list with 29.4 fantasy points. Chris Johnson rushed for 153 yards and scored twice to edge Ray Rice — who finished with 204 yards and a score — by three-tenths of a point. Marshawn Lynch rushed for 148 yards and two TDs for 26.8 points.

Wide receivers

It’ll be interesting to see what Christian Ponder-to-Percy Harvin does for an encore. Harvin finished with eight catches for 156 yards and two scores. He also added 19 yards on the ground to finish with 29.5 fantasy points. In another tight race for second place, Pierre Garcon edged Demaryius Thomas by sixth-tenths of a point. Garcon had nine catches for 150 yards and scored twice to finish with 27 fantasy points. Thomas caught only four passes, but scored twice and finished with 144 yards and 26.4 fantasy points.

Tight end

Like Newton, Rob Gronkowski was a multi-level threat on Sunday. He had his almost expected two-TD performance receiving the ball, adding 64 yards, but also scored on a two-yard run to finish with 24.6 fantasy points. Jermichael Finley paced the rest of the tight ends, scoring on one of his six catches and accumulating 87 yards. He scored 14.7 points.

Week 13 results

Rk Team Wk12 QB RB WR TE
1 Super Friends 5 Brady Blount SSmith Gronkowski
2 Dante Bruno 5 Brady Blount Welker Gronkowski
3 Tom Hagen 5 Brady Gore CJohnson Gronkowski
4 Purple Coconuts 5 Brady Blount Wallace Gronkowski
5 Dr. Zoidberg 5 Newton Blount Welker JiGraham
6 cartisimo 1 Rodgers DMurray CJohnson JiGraham
7 Team Name Here 0 Brady RRice Welker JiGraham
8 69ers 0 Brees RRice CJohnson JiGraham
9 MoHawks 0 Brees MJD CJohnson JiGraham
10 Brandon 0 Tebow Lynch Jennings JiGraham
11 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0 Romo Gore Wallace Gates
12 Gridiron Assassins 0
13 LOL Cats 0
14 Krause 0
15 Oops Machine 0
16 Rockchalk 0
17 Crampers 0
18 Chill Tow. 0
19 Schizo Smurfs 0
20 inthewhale 0
21 Sockonfl 0
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

Overall standings

Rk Team Reg
1 Team Name Here 62
2 Super Friends 61
3 69ers 56
4 MoHawks 56
5 Dante Bruno 51
6 cartisimo 43
7 Tom Hagen 36
8 Gridiron Assassins 31
9 LOL Cats 28
10 Purple Coconuts 27
11 Krause 20
12 Dr. Zoidberg 18
13 Brandon 17
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 17
15 Oops Machine 11
16 Rockchalk 10
17 Crampers 5
18 Chill Tow. 5
19 Schizo Smurfs 3
20 inthewhale 2
21 Sockonfl 1
22 The Pimps 0
23 Bearserker 0
24 Show Me Your TDs 0
25 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

Post a lineup for Week 14 in the comments. It’s never to late to join up. Each owner has a chance to score up to 35 points in a week, enough points to move into seventh overall.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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20 Responses to “Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest: Week 13 results Week 14 lineups”

  1. Brandon

    QB: Romo
    RB: Foster
    WR: Nicks
    TE: Graham

  2. Dr. Zoidberg

    QB: Rodgers
    RB: MJD
    WR: Megatron
    TE: Gronk

  3. Ike


    QB: Rogers
    RB: Rice
    WR: Jordy Nelson
    TE: Graham

  4. Brandon

    So i was hoping for a little advice for my fantasy team this week. I have to win to make the playoff. Out of these these three who do I start as my RB 2? I have Foster as RB 1.
    M. Morris Lions
    P. Thomas Saints
    J Stewart Panthers


  5. Brohamma

    @Brandon (not meaning to highjack the thread ep)

    Thomas is to much of a risk even if Ingram sits with turf toe.
    Morris is so-so.. dependant on Kevin Smith practicing.
    Stewart is the safest so I’d go with him. The past two weeks his touches are up and you need touches to score points.

    Good luck (PS: If Spiller is waiver material you may want to sniff)

  6. cartisimo

    Drew brees
    Chris Johnson
    Victor Cruz
    Jimmy graham

  7. Dante Bruno

    EP. When you get a chance please send me my password. I am trying to use my new laptop and when I tried to change my password I was unable to. I will use my old laptop to post my lineup for this week but will be awaiting your help to get a new password. Hope all is well. D.

  8. ep

    @Brohamma: there is no hijacking. We are all about multiple opinions.

    @Brandon: I agree completely with Brohamma, Stewart all the way. Even if it’s PPR I like Stewart. In fact, Stewart is one of those backs I want in dynasty/keeper leagues, too.

    @Dante Bruno: I’m at work right now — I’ve worked until midnight EST too many nights this week — but I will send you one ASAP.

  9. Brandon

    Brohamma and EP
    Thanks for the help.

  10. Brandon

    Only thing I am unsure of about Stewart is the fact that he is going up against the Falcons D! But Foster did go for over 100 against them last week.

  11. ep

    DB: Password reset. Email sent

    Brandon: Brohamma’s got it. If Smith is a no go, Morris is probably a safer choice. He’ll probably get more touches.

    Something to keep in mind: Against Atlanta last time Stewart only had 48 yards rushing, but he averaged 6.9 per carry and scored a TD. He also had 24 yards receiving on three catches. Stewart was effective. That game was in Atlanta.
    Home cooking this week for the Panthers.

  12. Consigliere

    QB: Stafford
    RB: Lynch
    WR: Calvin
    TE: Graham

  13. Dante Parisi

    EP, Thus us Dante Bruno. Can I post with this name? I am out of town and do not have my other computer with me. D.

  14. Dante Bruno

    Thanks EP

  15. Chickenheads&Pigeons





  16. Brohamma

    Team Name Here

    QB – Rodgers
    RB – C. Johnson
    WR – Jordy
    TE – Gronk

  17. ep

    Oops Machine
    QB – Cam Newton
    RB – Ray Rice
    WR – Percy Harvin
    TE – Rob Gronkowski

  18. MoHawks

    QB Rodgers
    RB Rice
    WR Calvin
    TE Graham

  19. Dante Bruno


  20. Nick


    QB: Rodgers
    WR: C. Johnson
    RB: Lynch
    TE: Gronkowski

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