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Fantasy football 2011| Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 3 results, Week 4 lineups

We had a couple more newcomers sign up this week and one of those teams earned their first points of the season.

Only one player provided full points this week but we have a bushel of tough-luck awards to hand out. And next week is October, so, yeah, September champion(s) crowned. As always, read on if you want to know the goings on in the league, but if you don’t have time, skip to the end and post your Week 4 lineups.

Congratulations to Chill Tow., who announced their arrival with authority, starting Jermichael Finley, our top tight end and the only player correctly chosen this week. The selection was good for five points and puts Chill Tow. in a two-way tie for fifth place with Rockchalk.

But anyone who played Rob Gronkowski, and there were a lot of you this week, earns a tough-luck award and accompanying consolation point. Tough-luck winners this week were: Purple Coconuts, 69ers, Dante Bruno, Team Name Here, Schizo Smurfs, Tom Hagen, Gridiron Assassins, cartisimo, MoHawks and Sockonfl.

The points put some teams on the board, but did not change the leaders. Purple Coconuts and 69ers both added a point to maintain their tie atop the league, leaving us with a tie for the first monthly championship of 2011. Congratulations to our September champions Purple Coconuts and 69ers. The race for the October crown starts Sunday.

Dante Bruno and Team Name Here, who both also added points, are tied for third place with six points each.

We also want to welcome inthewhale, who posted their first lineup of 2011.

As I’ve said before, cutting across the grain can pay dividends in this contest, so I’m going to give a nod to Chickenheads & Pigeons this week. C&P posted a lineup that included Matt Hasselbeck and Montario Hardesty. Hasselbeck threw for 300+ and you wonder what he could have done if Kenny Britt hadn’t torn his ACL. Hardesty was a sneaky play in place of Peyton Hillis, who was a game-day scratch.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s top fantasy performers:


Joe Flacco‘s deep throws and Torrey Smith seemed like a deadly match on Sunday. Flacco threw for 389 yards and three touchdowns and ran for almost 30 yards to finish with 28.5 fantasy points. Mark Sanchez, who had a rushing touchdown, finished with 369 yards, two touchdown passes and an interception to score 26.96 points and finish as our runner up.

Running backs

There should be little doubt that a healthy Darren McFadden is among the best players in the game. On Sunday, McFadden gashed the once impenetrable Jets defense for 171 yards on 19 carries, scoring twice and catching three passes for seven yards. He finished with 29.8 fantasy points. Ryan Matthews, the only Chargers player to take advantage of the matchup with Kansas City, scored two TDs, rushed for 89 yards and added 51 points on four catches to score 26.9 points as our would-be Tough-Luck Award giver.

Wide receivers

Tom Brady throws the ball. Wes Welker catches it a lot. Welker caught 16 passes and turned it into 217 yards and two touchdowns. He also registered a 19-yard run to score 35.6 points as our highest point scorer this week. He topped Ravens rookie sensation Torrey Smith who had one of the greatest debuts in NFL history. Smith caught three five passes for 152 yards and three touchdowns. He scored 34.2 points and would have outscored every other player in our contest except Welker.

Tight ends

As mentioned above, Packers tight end Jermichael Finley was the only player who provided full points this week. His three-touchdown game was music to his fantasy owners’ ears. He also hauled in seven passes for 85 yards to score 26.5 fantasy points. Runner-up Rob Gronkowski took advantage of Aaron Hernandez‘s absence, catching seven throws from Brady for 109 yards and two touchdowns. He finished with 22.9 fantasy points.

2011 fantasy football contest Week 3 results

Rk Team Wk1 Wk2 Wk3 QB RB WR TE
1 Chill Tow. x x 5 McCoy Peterson SMoss JFinley
2 Purple Coconuts 0 15 1 Brady CJohnson Wallace Gronkowski
3 69ers 0 15 1 Brady Rice Wallace Gronkowski
4 Dante Bruno 0 5 1 Brady Rice VJackson Gronkowski
5 Team Name Here 5 x 1 Brady Rice CaJohnson Gronkowski
6 Schizo Smurfs 0 0 1 Brees Tolbert SSmith Gronkwoski
7 Tom Hagen 0 0 1 Stafford Mendenhall VJackson Gronkwoski
8 Gridiron Assassins 0 0 1 Brees Mendenahall CaJohnson Gronkowski
9 cartisimo 0 0 1 Newton Rice Fitzgerald Gronkwoski
10 MoHawks x 0 1 Brady CJohnson VJackson Gronkowski
11 Sockonfl 0 x 1 Vick Peterson CaJohnson Gronkowski
12 Rockchalk 5 0 0 Rivers Mendenhall CaJohnson Gates
13 Super Friends 0 1 0 Rivers Rice CaJohnson Witten
14 Krause 0 0 0 Stafford Tate Wallace FDavis
15 Brandon 0 0 0 Fitzpatrick Turner AJohnson Gates
16 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0 0 0 Hasselbeck Hardesty Britt VDavis
17 Dr. Zoidberg 0 0 0 Rivers Best Fitzgerald FDavis
18 Oops Machine 0 0 0 Rivers Turner VJackson Witten
19 Show Me Your TDs x 0 0 Brady Rice CaJohnson FDavis
20 LOL Cats x 0 0 Brees McCoy AJohnson Witten
21 inthewhale x x 0 Rivers Tate VJackson Witten
22 Crampers 0 0 x
23 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0 0 x
24 Bearserker 0 x x

In the comments, post who you think will be the best quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end in Week 4. Remember, only the best player at each position is worth five points. But there are massive bonus points for getting more than one pick correct. Good luck.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

Week 1 results, Week 2 lineups

Week 2 results, Week 3 lineups (With September’s champions)


22 Responses to “Fantasy football 2011| Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 3 results, Week 4 lineups”

  1. jzak

    Schizo Smurfs
    QB: Michael Vick, PHI
    RB: Adrian Peterson, MIN
    WR: Denarius Moore, OAK
    TE: Rob Gronkowski, NE

  2. cartisimo

    Qb Tom Brady
    Rb Fred jackson
    Wr Larry Fitzgerald
    Te jimmy graham

  3. Ike


    QB: Brady
    WR: Mike Wallace
    RB: Peterson
    TE: Gronkowski

  4. Dr. Zoidberg

    QB: Rogers
    RB: McCoy
    WR: Nicks
    TE: V-Davis

  5. inthewhale

    Qtr M.Stafford
    Rbk D.McFadden
    Wid R.White
    Tnd J.Witten

  6. Sam Davis

    LOL Cats

    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: LeSean McCoy
    WR: Mike Wallace
    TE: Jermichael Finley

  7. MoHawks

    QB Phillip Rivers
    RB Adrian Peterson
    WR DeSean Jackson
    TE Jimmy Graham

  8. Dante Bruno

    How do the tough luck points actualy work? Why did Brady not earn one for losing by 1 point in week 3?

  9. Nick

    Purple Coconuts
    QB: Tom Brady
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    RB: Adrian Peterson (Minnesota)
    TE: Rob Gronkowski

  10. ep

    Dante Bruno:
    Brady was the No. 6 quarterback in Week 3 with 23.98 points.
    He trailed Flacco, Sanchez, Eli Manning, Matt Schaub and Drew Brees in ESPN’s scoring system.

    Brady’s four interceptions virtually nullified two of his four touchdown passes.

  11. Brohamma

    Team Name Here

    QB – Brady
    RB – CJ
    WR – Megatron
    TE – Olson

  12. Consigliere

    Tom Hagen

    QB: Drew Brees
    RB: Fred Jackson
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    TE: Finley

  13. Crampers

    QB: A Rodgers
    RB: A Peterson
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    TE: R Gronkowski

  14. Krause

    QB- Ben Roethlisberger
    RB- Adrian Peterson
    WR- Mike Wallace
    TE- Rob Gronkowski

  15. Chickenheads & Pigeons

    QB Orton

    RB RunDMC

    WR Fitz

    TE Cook

  16. Rockchalk

    QB- P. Rivers
    RB- D. McFadden
    WR- J. Nelson
    TE- O Daniels

  17. DanteBruno


  18. DanteBruno

    Runner ups, Brees,Cruz,Jackson,Olsen. Just adding a little fun!

  19. Brandon

    QB: Fitzpatrick
    RB: M Tunner
    WR: G Jennings
    TE: J Graham

  20. Reggie Dunlop

    Gridiron Assassins
    QB-Tom Brady
    RB-LeSean McCoy
    WR-Calvin Johnson
    TE-Rob Gronkowski

  21. ep

    Oops Machine

    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Darren McFadden
    WR: Wes Welker
    TE: Rob Gronkowski

  22. Jaime

    Super Friends
    QB – Brady
    RB – Rice
    WR – Fitz
    TE – Fasano

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