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Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 5 results, Week 6 lineups

Joel Dreessen, Benjarvus Green-Ellis and Matt Cassel this week? Exactly as we predicted it. But as crazy as the scoring was, the fantasy football masters in our weekly contest still put up points.

As usual, feel free to read on to find out what happened in the contest last week, but don’t forget to post your Week 6 lineups in the comments.

Team Name Here and 69ers each played Adrian Peterson this week. AP is playing unconscious right now and unless something dramatic happens I don’t think anyone could argue against starting him every week in this contest.

However, only 69ers and Team Name Here made the play this week. With the five-point bounty, 69ers vaulted to the top of the overall leaderboard. Team Name Here moved into sole possession of third place with a five-point increase.

There were several plays this week that went off the beaten path. Brandon played Jay Cutler at quarterback and Eric Decker at wide receiver. MoHawks played Julio Jones at WR and Brandon Pettigrew at TE.

Wide receiver provided our most varied starts. Purple Coconuts, our second-place team overall, foresaw the potential rout in Pittsburg and played Antonio Brown. Cartisimo played Nate Washington.

At tight end, Dr. Zoidberg‘s play of Jermaine Gresham was smart because of the matchup. Visanthe Shiancoe, started by Krause, will be a threat if McNabb can get him the ball. Shiancoe has the most Vikings targets in the last two weeks.

Top performers for Week 5:


Matt Cassel‘s shockingly good play launched him to the top of the quarterback rankings this week. Cassel completed 21-of-29 for 257 yards and four TD passes. He did not throw a pick, the one thing that kept Ben Roethlisberger from taking the top spot. Cassel finished with 27.48 points. Roethlisberger’s 5-TD game earned him 27.12 points.

Running backs

One player has benefited from Donovan McNabb‘s shaky tenure as the starting QB in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson has been busy this season and it has made many of his fantasy owners winners. Peterson rushed 29 times for 122 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday to amass 30.2 points. Runner-up Benjarvus Green-Ellis had a special game of his own, rewarding owners who tentatively played him as a bye-week fill-in. The Law Firm’s 136-yard, 2-TD game earned him 26.9 points.

Wide receivers

Dwayne Bowe had one of those Dwayne Bowe games, catching seven passes for 128 yards and two touchdowns. He scored 24.8 points. Runner-up Pierre Garcon seems to be a favorite target for Curtis Painter. Our No. 2 receiver scored 24.5 points after a 125-yard, 2-TD game.

Tight ends

Targets were distributed interestingly in Houston without Andre Johnson. Joel Dreessen‘s performance caught quite a few people by surprise. He had a 56-yard catch and went for 56 yards in his four other catches to finish 5-112-1. He scored 17.2 fantasy points. Vernon Davis finished second to Dreessen. Davis got into the end zone twice but only caught three passes for 39 yards. He finished with 15.9 fantasy points.

Week 5 results

Rk Team Wk5 QB RB WR TE
1 69ers 5 Vick Peterson Nicks Finley
2 Team Name Here 5 Brees Peterson Fitzgerald Daniels
3 Purple Coconuts 0 Rivers Bradshaw A. Brown Graham
4 Dr. Zoidberg 0 Brees Foster Jennings Gresham
5 cartisimo 0 Brees FJackson Washington Graham
6 MoHawks 0 Ryan Foster Julio Jones Pettigrew
7 Dante Bruno 0 Vick Foster VJackson Graham
8 Brandon 0 Cutler McCoy Decker Daniels
9 Crampers 0 Brady CJohnson Welker Graham
10 Rockchalk 0 Freeman Forte CJohnson Gronkowski
11 Gridiron Assassins 0 Brees Mathews CJohnson Daniels
12 Tom Hagen 0 Ryan Bradshaw CJohnson Graham
13 Schizo Smurfs 0 Vick FJackson SSmith Daniels
14 Sockonfl 0 Vick CJohnson CJohnson Gronkowski
15 Oops Machine 0 Rodgers Foster CJohnson Daniels
16 LOL Cats 0 Brady Foster SSmith Finley
17 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0 Newton McFadden Maclin Shiancoe
18 Krause 0 Rodgers Foster CJohnson Gronkowski
19 Chill Tow. x
20 inthewhale x
21 Super Friends x
22 Show Me Your TDs x
23 Spurrier, YTVRC? x
24 Bearserker x


Rk Team SEP OCT Reg Over
1 69ers 16 5 21 21
2 Purple Coconuts 16 0 16 16
3 Team Name Here 6 5 11 11
4 Dr. Zoidberg 0 6 6 6
5 cartisimo 1 5 6 6
6 MoHawks 1 5 6 6
7 Dante Bruno 6 0 6 6
8 Brandon 0 5 5 5
9 Crampers 0 5 5 5
10 Rockchalk 5 0 5 5
11 Chill Tow. 5 0 5 5
12 inthewhale 0 1 1 1
13 Gridiron Assassins 1 0 1 1
14 Tom Hagen 1 0 1 1
15 Schizo Smurfs 1 0 1 1
16 Sockonfl 1 0 1 1
17 Super Friends 1 0 1 1
18 Oops Machine 0 0 0 0
19 LOL Cats 0 0 0 0
20 Chickenheads & Pigeons 0 0 0 0
21 Krause 0 0 0 0
22 Show Me Your TDs 0 0 0 0
23 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0 0 0 0
24 Bearserker 0 0 0 0

In the comments, post who you think will be the best quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end in Week 6. Remember, only the best player at each position is worth five points. But there are massive bonus points for getting more than one pick correct. Good luck.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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20 Responses to “Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 5 results, Week 6 lineups”

  1. Reggie Dunlop

    Gridiron Assassins
    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    RB-Adrian Peterson
    WR-Wes Welker
    TE-Jimmy Graham

  2. jzak

    Schizophrenic Smurfs
    QB: Tony Romo
    RB: Arian Foster
    WR: Torrey Smith
    TE: Rob Gronkowski

  3. Cartisimo

    Qb Aaron Rodgers
    Rb Fred Jackson
    Wr Steve Smith (Car) Did I really need to include that?
    Te Jimmy Graham

  4. Ike


    QB: T. Brady
    RB: A. Peterson
    WR: M. Wallace
    TE: R. Gronkowski

  5. inthewhale

    QB: T.Brady
    RB: D MAC
    WR: R.White
    TE: Witten

  6. Brohamma

    QB – Rodgers
    RB – Peterson
    WR – M. Wallace
    TE – Pettigrew

  7. Brohamma

    Doh! Forgot to add my team name above.. Team Name Here

  8. Dr. Zoidberg

    QB: Newton
    RB: F-Jax
    WR: Greener
    TE: Witten

  9. Brandon

    RB :Torain
    WR: Welker
    TE: Witten

  10. Sam Davis

    Lol Cats

    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Peyton Hillis (here comes the breakout to prove he is still legit)
    WR: Mike Wallace
    TE: Jason Witten

  11. MoHawks

    QB Romo
    RB Peterson
    WR Jennings
    TE Graham

  12. Chickenheads & Pigeons

    QB Manning

    RB Forte

    WR AJ Green

    TE Finley

  13. Nick

    Purple Coconuts

    QB: Tom Brady
    WR: Hakeem Nicks
    RB: Ray Rice
    TE: Fred Davis

  14. Consigliere

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Ray Rice
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    TE: Jimmy Graham

  15. DanteBruno

    QB: Cam Newton
    WR: Steve Smith
    RB: AP
    TE: Jimmy Graham

  16. Rockchalk

    QB- D. Brees
    RB- C. Benson
    WR- W. Welker
    TE- B. Watson

  17. Jaime


    TE-Jimmy G

  18. Dante Bruno

    Ditto Catisimo on Smith

  19. Krause

    How’d I forget to make my picks? Kind of limited on who I can pick now.

    QB- Drew Brees
    RB- Peyton Hillis
    WR- Darius Heyward- Bey
    TE- Jimmy Graham

  20. DanteBruno

    Four teams posting two leaders for the first pairs of the season with one game to go and I doubt that any QB or TE tonight will surpass their numbers. But then again, what do I know….

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