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Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 8 results, Week 9 lineups

The much-delayed contest for Week 9 has finally arrived.

We’ve scored 324 points here at the midway point of the 2011 season. This week we crown a new monthly champion and another player jumped into the 30-point club, giving us five teams all within 10 points of the overall lead.

As always, read on for contest news and skip to the comments to post your Week 9 fantasy lineups.

Despite a big disappointment at quarterback for most of the teams in the contest this week, we still posted a 31-point tally.

The disappointment, of course, was Drew Brees, who was started by more than half of the league this week. Brees’ TE Jimmy Graham, started by the same number of owners (55%) also disappointed. Disappointments mean the stars aligned for some other players.

Chickenheads&Pigeons won this week thanks to a tough-luck point from the Panthers’ Steve Smith. C&P paired up Smith and Cam Newton to earn six points, the team’s first points of the season, and rise to the top in Week 8.

LeSean McCoy, started by LOL Cats and Brandon, was our best running back. Calvin Johnson earned five-point performances for MoHawks and Dante Bruno. Rockchalk started the Panthers’ rookie signal caller to earn five points.

Super Friends, who started both Brees and Graham, did not score any points but was able to hold on to the October crown. That 25-point performance in Week 6 proved too much to overcome.

With the five-point performance in Week 8, MoHawks vaulted into third place in October and into a two-way tie for fourth place in the current overall standings.

Cartisimo and 69ers maintained their stronghold on second place with 36 points each.

Not a ton of off-the-wall starts this week, but there are some awesome notables. Dr. Zoidberg started Darren Sproles. Nice play with Mark Ingram ailing. Schizophrenic Smurfs started Cowboys rookie DeMarco Murray. If that game hadn’t gotten out of hand early, I wonder if he might not have contended for the top spot this week. In the receiver ranks, the most out there pick was Antonio Brown, started by Super Friends. Considering the comments from Ravens CB Lardarius Webb today — Webb said Brown is better than Mike Wallace — that’s not quote as out there as some might think.

No super surprises in the tight end ranks, unless one of the TE-Grahams was actually supposed to be Daniel Graham. That brings up a point: There are a lot of Smiths, Jacksons and Johnsons out there. Yes, in most cases we know which WR Johnson you are talking about, but I would appreciate it if everyone would use first initials (or player nicknames) just to so we can be clear. Thanks.

Top performers in Week 8:


Cam Newton led a trio of quarterback who scored at least 24 points this week despite two lost fumbles. Newton threw for 290 yards and three TDs and added 53 yards on the ground to score 24.9 points. Matthew Stafford didn’t rack up a ton of yards, but had a 21-yard run and threw three TD passes to score 24.8 points. Mike Vick was our third quarterback with more than 24 points, throwing a pair of TDs and rushing for 50 yards. He scored 24.2 points and finished six rushing yards from tying for some tough-luck goodness.

Running backs

How many times have we had LeSean McCoy‘s name on the running backs list this season? In Week 8, McCoy toted the rock 30 times, amassing 185 yards and a pair of scores. He also caught two passes for 15 yards. He finished with 32 points. Steven Jackson‘s Saints-breaking performance was our second best this week. He rushed 25 times for a buck-59 and scored two TDs. He caught four passes for 32 yards and finished with 31.1 points.

Wide receivers

Like McCoy, Calvin Johnson‘s name has been typed in this space a lot this season. This week he caught five passes for 125 yards and a TD to score 18.5 fantasy points. Steve Smith added a 12 yard run to go with his 100-yards-and-a-touchdown aerial show to finish as our tough-luck point-giver. He scored 17.2 fantasy points.

Tight ends

Remember Scott Chandler? He’s back to his TD-catching ways. He hauled in two passes for 35 yards but got into the end zone on both. He finished with 15.5 fantasy points, barely edging our No. 2 TE, Brent Celek. Celek caught seven passes for 94 yards and a touchdown to score 15.4 fantasy points.

Week 8 lineups and standings

Rk Team Wk8 QB RB WR TE
1 Chickenheads & Pigeons 6 Newton Gore SSmith Gronkowski
2 MoHawks 5 Brees AP CaJohnson JiGraham
3 LOL Cats 5 Brees McCoy Wallace Witten
4 Dante Bruno 5 Brees Peterson CaJohnson Gronkowski
5 Brandon 5 Vick McCoy Wallace Gates
6 Rockchalk 5 Newton FJackson Bowe Graham
7 Super Friends 0 Brees Rice AnBrown Graham
8 cartisimo 0 Brees Peterson Welker JiGraham
9 Team Name Here 0 Brees Rice Colston AHernandez
10 69ers 0 Brady Foster Wallace JiGraham
11 Tom Hagen 0 Brees ChJohnson Wallace Davis
12 Gridiron Assassins 0 Brees Peterson Nicks JiGraham
13 Dr. Zoidberg 0 Brees Sproles Wallace Hernandez
14 Crampers 0 Roethlisberger Peterson Colston Graham
15 inthewhale 0 Rivers Mendenhall VJackson Witten
16 Purple Coconuts 0 Roethlisberger Peterson Wallace Graham
17 Schizo Smurfs 0 Roethlisberger DMurray Welker JiGraham
18 Oops Machine 0 Brees FJackson Welker Graham
19 Krause x
20 Chill Tow. x
21 Sockonfl x
22 Bearserker x
23 Show Me Your TDs x
24 Spurrier, YTVRC? x

October final standings

Rk Team OCT
1 Super Friends 40
2 cartisimo 35
3 MoHawks 30
4 Team Name Here 25
5 LOL Cats 21
6 69ers 20
7 Tom Hagen 20
8 Dante Bruno 15
9 Gridiron Assassins 15
10 Brandon 11
11 Dr. Zoidberg 8
12 Chickenheads & Pigeons 6
13 Rockchalk 5
14 Crampers 5
15 Krause 5
16 inthewhale 2
17 Purple Coconuts 0
18 Chill Tow. 0
19 Schizo Smurfs 0
20 Sockonfl 0
21 Oops Machine 0
22 Bearserker 0
23 Show Me Your TDs 0
24 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

Regular season standings

Rk Team Reg
1 Super Friends 41
2 cartisimo 36
3 69ers 36
4 MoHawks 31
5 Team Name Here 31
6 LOL Cats 21
7 Tom Hagen 21
8 Dante Bruno 21
9 Gridiron Assassins 16
10 Purple Coconuts 16
11 Brandon 11
12 Rockchalk 10
13 Dr. Zoidberg 8
14 Chickenheads & Pigeons 6
15 Crampers 5
16 Krause 5
17 Chill Tow. 5
18 inthewhale 2
19 Schizo Smurfs 1
20 Sockonfl 1
21 Oops Machine 0
22 Bearserker 0
23 Show Me Your TDs 0
24 Spurrier, YTVRC? 0

In the comments, post who you think will be the best quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end in Week 9. Remember, only the best player at each position is worth five points. But there are massive bonus points for getting more than one pick correct. Good luck.

To learn more about the contest, including scoring/lineup rules or to see Week 1′s lineups thread, go to the original post.

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17 Responses to “Fantasy football 2011 | Chinstrap Ninjas fantasy football contest Week 8 results, Week 9 lineups”

  1. Brandon

    QB: Eli Manning
    RB: A. Foster
    WR: M. Colston
    TE: Gates

  2. cartisimo

    Qb tom Brady
    Rb mike turner
    Wr Brandon Lloyd
    Te jimbo graham

  3. Ike


    QB: E. Manning
    WR: M. Wallace
    RB: M. Forte
    TE: R. Gronkowski

  4. MoHawks

    QB Eli Manning
    RB M. Forte
    WR D. Bowe
    TE J.Graham

  5. Krause

    QB- Aaron Rodgers
    RB- Michael Turner
    WR- Victor Cruz
    TE- Jimmy Graham

  6. Consigliere

    QB: Brees
    RB: Wells
    WR: Victor Cruz
    TE: Fred Davis

  7. Dr. Zoidberg

    QB: Vick
    RB: Blount
    WR: Green
    TE: Witten

  8. jzak

    QB: Philip Rivers
    RB: Michael Bush (tempted to go safe with Forte)
    WR: Mario Manningham
    TE: Antonio Gates

  9. Reggie Dunlop

    Gridiron Assassins
    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    RB-Michael Turner
    WR-Jeremy Maclin
    TE-Jimmy Graham

  10. Brohamma

    Team Name Here

    QB – Rodgers
    RB – Foster
    WR – Bowe
    TE – Graham

  11. Nick

    Purple Coconuts

    QB: T. Romo
    WR: D. Bryant
    RB: A. Foster
    TE: A. Hernandez

  12. Dante Bruno


  13. Chickenheads&Pigeons

    QB Ryan

    RB Murray

    WR Fitz

    TE V Davis

  14. Sam Davis

    LOL Cats —- on a roll

    QB – Tom Brady
    RB – Arian Foster
    WR – Marques Colston
    TE – Jason Witten

  15. Jaime



  16. Rockchalk

    QB- E. Manning
    RB- M. Turner
    WR- D. Bowe
    TE- J. Graham

  17. ep

    Oops Machine
    QB – Aaron Rodgers
    RB – Arian Foster
    WR – Victor Cruz
    TE – Jimmy Graham

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