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Fantasy football 2011 | Week 12 updated (final) player rankings

Our sleeper-heavy projections are done. They’ve affected our player rankings. You can see them below.

2011 fantasy football Week 12 updated (final) player rankings

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4 Responses to “Fantasy football 2011 | Week 12 updated (final) player rankings”

  1. Allen

    Matt Moore or Flacco as a back up to Eli Manning to make the playoff run in a PPR? These two knuckleheads are the best choices on the wire and seem to have decent match ups. Thanks in advance for your help

  2. ep

    Allen: I consulted with our Dolphins expert, Jay-Mo, who said Matt Moore is likely to regress considering his upcoming schedule.
    He’s also more of an unknown, obviously.

    Flacco has had back-to-back 300-yard games but the Ravens also have to face Cleveland twice before the season is out. The Browns have allowed the second fewest points per week (9.5) to opposing QBs. One of those games is in Week 16, likely your championship game.
    The Dolphins face the Patriots’ worst-in-the-NFL-against-the-pass defense in Week 16.

    It’s really a coin flip, but in the end I’d probably side with Jay-Mo. Flacco is more of a known commodity and I want a safe backup heading into the playoffs, not someone who might be a home run or might be a flop.

    Jay-Mo asked if Mark Sanchez was available in your league. He thinks he could go off the rest of the way. Another option to consider if he’s available.
    He’s risky, too, but he does have three 300+-yard games and six games with at least two TD passes.

  3. Allen

    I wish Sanchez was available. The choices after Flacco and Moore fall to McCoy, Orton, Bradford, and Hasselbeck. Looking at his schedule, does it make sense to just roll with Manning under the thought process of start your studs, or would you look to one of these guys with a seemingly positive match up?

  4. ep

    Unless my roster is a collection of undroppable players I always try to have a backup quarterback. I would try to get one of those guys if you have a benchwarmer who has no real shot to start.

    I like Orton’s situation, but he’s still Kyle Orton.
    I like what Brandon Lloyd could do in St. Louis, but those other receivers don’t have very good catch-to-target percentages.
    Losing Kenny Britt slowed down Hasselbeck more than I expected.
    McCoy barely gets to 200 yards passing every week.

    I think you were right to look at Flacco and Moore over those other options.

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