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Fantasy Football Daily Games: Update and links you need for Week 11

I started my daily games coverage this year boasting about my success last year. Well, this year at FanDuel has followed Trent Richardson‘s flight path.

I got away from some of the rules I explained in my posts and had to refresh my funds at FanDuel this week.

Luckily, my experience at Draft Kings has been Jamaal Charles-esque, allowing me to feed one site with winnings from the other. If you’ve watched a YouTube video, you’ve probably seen an ad for Draft Kings’ million dollar championship. That’s not all they have to offer. Their quarter arcade games — multi-entry at 25 cents per lineup for a chance at up to $100 for top prize — are great for the frugal fantasy player. They have the full list of other games from high-stakes tournaments to 50/50s and triple-ups. In one large $2 tournament game they run each week top prize is $1,000 and a grand final ticket worth $1,500.

They also run free rolls in multiple sports every day which reward winners with Step tournament tickets. Their Step tournaments are an interesting concept that allows players to turn $2 into $200 by advancing through four different rounds of play. A Step ticket won in an NHL free roll can be used in an NFL Step tournament, so it encourages football-only players to try out other sports. I’m really enjoying filling out hockey lineups each week — don’t skimp on goalies — and I haven’t ever followed hockey closely.

My success at Draft Kings — I originally deposited $25, have since cashed out $40 and play $35-$50 in games each week — has been a very bright spot this year.

I like that they have a different salary structure and play a flex player, a refreshing change from FanDuel’s 3-WR sets.

I will tell you that we are partnered with Draft Kings. They contacted us about becoming an affiliate. That means if you click one of the Draft Kings links in this article, sign up there and deposit money, Draft Kings awards us a referral fee.

That said, I recommend Draft Kings because I genuinely like the product. And as jzak has attested, their games are fun.

Now let’s get on to the links.

Blood in the water at FanDuel this week

Really, my whole reason for posting this article was to point you to David Dodds’ daily games blog. He’s the guy who started out with $50,000 at FanDuel this year and has since turned it into $80,000. The blog offers great insight from a smart football mind — he’s one of the big guns at FootballGuys.com.

This week he recommends players take it easy at FanDuel because the sharks are going to be putting every effort into winning the final seat in the site’s premiere contest. He thinks their efforts will likely trickle down into the tournaments and 50/50 games.

I’m still playing a ton of games there this week, but if you’r just starting out or if you haven’t had much luck, it might be a good week to stick to a $1 game or two, go over and read stuff on Dodds’ blog then go big next week.

Add Pro Football Focus’ value charts to your utility belt, Ninjas

One of the many tools I’ve been using every week is the FanDuel and Draft Kings value charts over at Pro Football Focus’ Fantasy page. The pages are free and can point you in the direction of sleepers and steer you away from overpriced stars.

They are a powerful tool when used wisely. Don’t build entire lineups based on values or you’ll miss out on top players expected to dominate but break even as far as their salary is concerned. The charts are based on Pro Football Focus’ projections. The projections are from Mike Clay, another superior football mind and one of the most accurate experts at Fantasy Pros. I don’t agree with all of his rankings and projections. You shouldn’t agree with them either, just like you shouldn’t agree with everything I say. But they are useful tools that every daily games owner should add to their arsenal.

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