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Fantasy Football player spotlight: Michael Bush has what kind of fracture?

Editor’s Note: This is the first article published from Brohamma, a 44-year-old resident of Germany. More about his bio below. Enjoy the article, and we hope to see more from brohamma soon.

On Tuesday, Michael Bush described the thumb injury he sustained versus the San Francisco 49ers as a “Bennett’s fracture.”

A what? Bennett’s fracture?

Didn’t Drew Bennett retire? Wasn’t he one of those eternal “sleepers” that would emerge and clinch your league championship? Err, umm … sorry tangent there.

So what exactly is a “Bennett’s fracture” and what does it mean for Michael Bush’s 2010 fantasy value?

In laymans terms, he broke the first bone of his thumb, the left thumb, for those keeping track (this is significant but I’ll address that shortly).

Here’s what you do: Pinch your thumbnail, move back to the knuckle and then fold the tip of your thumb into your palm. The bone between the knuckle and your hand … this still isn’t it. Psych!

Run your finger along this bone, till you reach the joint where your thumb and hand are connected. The bone that is broken is this third one that runs to your wrist, from that joint. Ouch right!?

Well, Michael Bush suffered a “non-comminuted”  fracture of this bone/metacarpal.  Another big word with a laymans translation … the bone simply broke and did not break into fragments. Since he suffered the non-comminuted type of fracture, the surgeons simply inserted screws into each side of the break and wired it together.

He’ll have fun in airports from now on trying to explain why the metal detector went off.  That lady, who seems to be at every airport with the to tight pants and the zipper that is holding on for dear life? Yeah, her. She’s not going to be having any of that nonsense. “Please step to the side sir.”

So, the big question here is …

What does this do to Michael Bush’s value?

Here is the typical timeline for recovery from this type of procedure from numerous medical sites: 4-8 weeks. Naturally, there are many factors to consider in the healing process so those numbers are taken with a grain of salt. Ok, a third of the season. I can live with that.

Well, here is the catch. It’s Bush’s LEFT thumb. He’s a southpaw. That means it is his dominant hand that is hurt.

Did you guys just hear that collective “awww sh$7?” That was all the people who have him from early drafts or dynasty leagues.

All is not doom and gloom, though. NFL teams have some of the best physicians in the world at their disposal and they protect their investments. Well, just don’t say that to Cincinnati Bengal’s players … they may have differing thoughts.

Anyhow, Michael Bush could still make an impact this year, though he will certainly fall back a round or two.

I’d like to leave you with one more nugget of information.

There usually is an early onset of arthritic conditions with this type of injury, and muscle strength is, often, not what it was prior. In a sport where defensive coordinators and coaches teach even Mighty Mite football players to “put a hat on the ball,” this type of injury has the potential to change Michael Bush’s career.

I’m sure I speak for all NFL fans when I say “we wish you a healthy and speedy recovery, Michael.”

When asked for a bio to include with his first article, Brohamma  shared the following:

“I was born on Cape Cod, MA in 1966.  They were terrible times, we had to walk uphill both to and from school.  Twelve years later I moved to Cocoa Beach with my mom and brother.  Things got much easier then.  You see, Florida is F-L-A-T … no more hills.  The teenage years on Cocoa Beach were fun, with a capital F!  Watching rockets being launched during ballgames, from the Kennedy Space Center, and then them hitting the self-destruct button made for some great fireworks.  No joke.  Sadly, one that wasn’t so great was the Challenger.  Then I joined the Army.  I spent several years in Germany along the border, until the day it suddenly came down.  I met my wife while stationed over there and we’ve been together for 19 years now.  We have an angelic little monster named Anna and a son Lars on the way.  I live over here in Germany now, and have for the past nine years.  I’ve been a Patriots fan for years and support ALL the New England teams.  What do I currently do?  I’m a Mr. Mom; my wife is the finance head of a large company here.  I follow sports, especially football … both american and european fußball.

11 Responses to “Fantasy Football player spotlight: Michael Bush has what kind of fracture?”

  1. jzak

    Good article and insight into an injury that seems to be hidden from public view for now. Those who blindly assume Bush will be back for the season opener may want to reconsider and admit that Darren McFadden has fantasy relevance for now.

    Welcome aboard, brohamma. Keep up the good work.

  2. Brohamma

    Thanks for the compliment. As I was researching this injury I came across a couple posts from high school football players who had this happen to them. Each one of them said that the recovery from surgery was hard because you can’t do a rehab as you would a knee, ankle or shoulder. Although the heal time is 4-8 weeks they all said that it took them 3-4 months to get back to the point of being able to secure the ball properly.

    I honestly think that this injury to Bush’s dominant hand could cause him fumbling problems throughout his career. As I said, all defensive players are coached to hit the ball and he will have to endure that constantly.

  3. Sockonfl

    Thanks for the insightful article. It was well researched and a great piece for the ninja site. I doubt many sites have gone into his injury in that much detail. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more informative pieces from you in the future.

  4. ep

    @Brohamma: Fantastic research, great article. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  5. Brohamma

    Thanks guys. I’m telling you… don’t look now but this situation is starting to get into the mainstream media. People are suddenly starting to wake-up to the potential effects this injury can have.

    A newspaper out there in the area went with an article yesterday suggesting that there could be more to this fracture than initally thought. Florio’s site ran a short piece and linked the newspaper I mentioned. I put up our link in the thread so we get the props we deserve!

  6. ep

    @Brohamma: Chinstrap Ninjas props enforcement. I like it.

  7. Dan

    Great article. This is no good from fantasy standpoint and for the Raiders. Question though, I have Bush on my team, long story short I have Favre at QB who I am worried about for the year. Someone dropped Kolb, would anyone advise dropping Bush and picking up Kolb as insurance for Favre? Thanks.

  8. Brohamma

    Thanks for the compliment Dan.

    I would IF you are ok at running back depth. See, with this type of injury he can’t just put a cast on it and go. If he were a defender, they would make it into a club and he could play.

    Farve is already handing out excuses it seems and I don’t like that one bit. I would grab Kolb pronto if I were you. Who is your second quarterback? I’d be interested to hear who your other running backs are too.

  9. Dan

    Thanks Brohamma, my other RBs are Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Portis, and Donald Brown. And I don’t have a second QB, so I’m going to go grab Kolb right now.

  10. Krause

    nice insight. welcome to the ninja army.

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