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Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 14

For some, this is the first week of fantasy playoffs, for others, a last chance to clinch a playoff spot. Either way, Week 14 is typically one of the most stressful and important weeks for fantasy owners.

In an attempt to help you out, here are my personal Week 14 QB rankings from a fantasy standpoint. Want to debate the order or have a start-sit question? I’d love to hear your comments below or on our interactive forums.

  1. Aaron Rodgers at DET
  2. Michael Vick at DAL
  3. Drew Brees vs. STL
  4. Joe Flacco at HOU
  5. Kyle Orton at ARI
  6. Philip Rivers vs. KC
  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. CLE
  8. Tom Brady at CHI
  9. Jay Cutler vs. NE
  10. Ben Roethlisberger vs. CIN
  11. Matt Ryan at CAR
  12. Jon Kitna vs. PHI
  13. Eli Manning at MIN
  14. Josh Freeman at WAS
  15. Sam Bradford at NO
  16. David Garrard vs. OAK
  17. Jason Campbell at JAX
  18. Alex Smith vs. SEA
  19. Matt Schaub vs. BAL
  20. Carson Palmer at PIT
  21. Jake Delhomme at BUF
  22. Donovan McNabb vs. TB
  23. Chad Henne at NYJ

* Players from the Colts-Titans Thursday night game were not included in this list.

3 Responses to “Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 14”

  1. Christian Schwarz

    I think Joe Flacco is in for the best game in his career. He has been great this year, especially for me as a die hard ravens fan. He started ou slow but made a huge turn for the better half way through the season. Houston is allowing over 300 yds a game and flacoo has been throwing about 290yds agame so im eager to see how he does against this pourous defensive secondary. If anyone dared to sit him they would be missing out big time, but i have him on my team and have bye week this week due to being a high seed in the playoffs, oh well.

  2. jzak

    @Christian Schwarz: Agreed, which is why I have Flacco so high on this list. Primetime game against the Texans? QB’s dream.

  3. Christian Schwarz

    @jzak: Well placed on the charts sir, A-Rodg will def dominate against the lions as well, and im eager to see how vick does agianst dallas, see if he can keep up with his dominance, good ranks overall im sure they will play up to them

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