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Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 15

We are a culture of rankings. We rank our favorite movies, restaurants and honey-do list priorities. Breakfast cereal? I easily have Lucky Charms ranked well ahead of Shredded Wheat. A Ford Mustang ranked higher than a Ford Fiesta. Vacuuming the living room ranked a few notches below cleaning the toilet on my annoying household chores list.

Rankings provide order to an otherwise chaotic situation. Like picking a fantasy football starter between two able candidates with the whole season hanging in the balance.

Week 15 provides plenty of chaos and entire seasons hang in the balance. Below are my quarterback rankings for this week, with the hope of bringing some order to things. Feel free to leave comments below or on our interactive forums.

  1. Peyton Manning vs. JAX
  2. Tom Brady vs. GB
  3. Michael Vick at NYG
  4. Philip Rivers vs. SF
  5. Aaron Rodgers at NE (if he plays)
  6. Matt Schaub at TEN
  7. Drew Brees at BAL
  8. Matt Ryan at SEA
  9. David Garrard at IND
  10.  Jon Kitna vs. WAS
  11.  Joe Flacco vs. NO
  12.  Josh Freeman vs. DET
  13. Kerry Collins vs. HOU
  14. Eli Manning vs. PHI
  15. Ben Roethlisberger vs. NYJ
  16. Carson Palmer vs. CLE
  17. Jay Cutler at MIN
  18. Sam Bradford vs. KC
  19. Donovan McNabb at DAL
  20. Chad Henne vs. BUF
  21. Kyle Orton at OAK
  22. Matt Cassel at STL
  23. Jason Campbell vs. DEN
  24. Shaun Hill at TB

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