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Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 3

Week 3 is upon us and here are my rankings.  If you want an explanation of the rankings,  just let me know in the comments below or on the interactive forums in the start em sit em section.  Good luck and may your teams score many points.

1.  Tom Brady v. Buf

2.   Philip Rivers @ Sea

3.   Drew Brees v. Atl

4.   Aaron Rodgers @ Chi

5.   Matt Schaub v. Dal

6.   Tony Romo @ Hou

7.   Peyton Manning @ Den

8.   Donavan McNabb @ Stl

9.   Jay Cutler v. GB

10.  Mike Vick @ Jax

11.  Eli Manning v. Tenn

12.  Matt Hasselbeck v. SD

13.  Matt Ryan @ NO

14.  Brett Favre v. Det

15.  Joe Flacco v. Cle

16.  Carson Palmer @ Car

17.  Vince Young @ NYG

18.  Shaun Hill @ Min

19.  Alex Smith @ KC

20.  Sam Bradford v. Wash

21.  Chad Henne v. Jet

22.  Josh Freeman v. Pit

23.  Jimmy Claussen @ Cin

24.  Bruce Gradkowski @ Ari

25.  Kyle Orton v. Indy

26.  Matt Cassell v. San Fran

27.  David Garrard v. Phil

28.  Derek Anderson @ Oak

29.  Mark Sanchez @ Mia

30.  Pittsburgh QB @ TB

31.  Ryan Fitzpatrick @ NE

32.  Seneca Wallace @ Balt

2 Responses to “Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 3”

  1. Syd

    Why is Vick so low on this list? He has been consistent through less than 2 games, and he’s playing JAX this week.

  2. Consigliere

    @Syd: I didnt think 10 was low… but i feel the top 6 are all going to sling it around to better numbers than Vick then Peyton is tossing the rock around a ton plus Addai might be out so that would be more passing.

    I personally like Cutler and McNabb’s body of work/history over Vick’s current rebirth.

    Also this game could get out of hand thus causing the Eagles to go to the ground more. If your league gives more points for rushing td’s by QB’s then i would upgrade him.

    In ranking as well i would say by putting him in the top 10 i would start him over anyone under him, but i would have trouble benching one of the guys above him and going with Vick. I could see the argument for going with him over McNabb but the other 8 i would be hard pressed to bench one of them for Vick.

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