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Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 6

Week six is upon us and here are my rankings.  If you want an explanation of the rankings just let me know in the comments or on our site’s forums.  Good luck and may your teams score many points.

  1. Philip Rivers @ Stl
  2. Ben Roethlisberger v. Cle
  3. Drew Brees @ TB
  4. Tony Romo @ Min
  5. Peyton Manning  @ Wash
  6. Aaron Rodgers v. Mia
  7. Tom Brady v. Balt
  8. Jay Cutler v. Sea
  9. Kyle Orton v. Jets
  10. Matt Schaub v. KC
  11. Shaun Hill @ NYG
  12. Joe Flacco @ NE
  13. Josh Freeman v. NO
  14. Donovan McNabb v. Indy
  15. Matt Cassel @ Hou
  16. Eli Manning v. Det
  17. Matt Ryan @ Phi
  18. Kevin Kolb v. Atl
  19. Chad Henne @ GB
  20. Brett Favre v. Dal
  21. Sam Bradford v. SD
  22. Vince Yong @ Jax
  23. David Garrard v. Ten
  24. Matt Hasselbeck @ Chi
  25. Mark Sanchez @ Den
  26. Oakland QB @ SF
  27. Alex Smith v. Oak
  28. Colt McCoy @ Pit

3 Responses to “Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 6”

  1. Michael

    I was somewhat inclined to start Vince Young this week against a week Jacksonville Defense than Tom Brady against a good Baltimore Pass D, in his first week without Moss. While I have confidence in Brady Belicheck, I think the downside of Brady outweighs the upside versus a relatively safe Young.

    Your rankings would indicate to disagree (7 vs. 22 for Brady to Young). Thoughts?

  2. Consigliere


    While that looks good on its face I am always leery of benching my stud. It might work out,but I think has a high probability of blowing up in your face. Cj2k is looming to blow up against a weak jacksonville defense.

    I like your thought but i am afraid of making that bold of move unless you are really sure your sure your getting a bunch of points from else where.

  3. Robert

    If you start V.Young over T.Brady, you deserve to lose!!!

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