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Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 8

Week 8 is upon us, and here are my quarterback rankings for the weekend.  If you want an explanation of the rankings, just let me know in the comments below or at our interactive forums

Good luck and may your teams score many points!

  1. Peyton Manning v. Hou
  2. Philip Rivers v. Ten
  3. Ben Roethlisberger @ NO
  4. Drew Brees v. Pitt
  5. Donovan McNabb @ Det
  6. Matt Stafford v. Wash
  7. Matt Schaub @ Indy
  8. Kyle Orton @ SF
  9. Vince Young @ SD
  10. Chad Henne @ Cin
  11. Tom Brady v. Minn
  12. Jon Kitna v. Jax
  13. Mark Sanchez v. GB
  14. Matt Cassell v. Buff
  15. Sam Bradford v. Car
  16. Josh Freeman @ Ari
  17. Carson Palmer v. Mia
  18. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ KC
  19. Matt Moore @ Stl
  20. Brett Favre @ NE
  21. Matt Hasselbeck @ Oak
  22. Bruce Gradkowski v. Sea
  23. Troy Smith v. Den
  24. Max Hall v. TB

6 Responses to “Fantasy football quarterback rankings for Week 8”

  1. Sam

    I like Palmer’s position here. I was afraid everyone would be drinking his cool-aide after last week but I dont see a repeat against Miami.

  2. Sam

    Oh also just noticed no Aaron Rodgers :-( Interested to see where you think he fits in against them Jets.

  3. Consigliere


    Wow… i dont know how that happen i must be missing another quarterback as well since i have 24 up there and there will be 25 after the addition of Rodgers…

    I’ll try and figure it out, but i would put him at 10 and move Henne and company down a spot.

  4. Brohamma

    Hey guys, sorry… I haven’t had much time lately as the wife is looking like she could drop the baby any moment.

    Consig.. Brady below VY? Really? In his career vs. SD he has a rating just below 50. You saw the job the SD defense did on Brady and co. last week, how does VY outperform Brady, Bradford, and Freeman?

    NE will have to go to the air to move the ball and Brady will have a big game vs. that secondary on his quick reads to Hernandez.

  5. Consigliere


    I see your concern there, It is being reported now that VY might not play.

    When i ranked this i was under the belief that VY would be 100%, i made this on Wednesday.

    My thought process was that Britt would still be dominate and you add in the running ability of VY he was looking at a top 10 day. Although as i look now it seems more likely he will be held out or be limited.

    I would downgrade him a bit to about 15 or so even if he plays.

  6. Sam

    Well rodgers shoulda been put dead last. It actually made sense to exclude him this week :-)

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