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Fantasy football rankings, daily fantasy advice — What we’re providing in 2015

This is a site update post. There won’t be any hot takes. No killer lineup advice.

I’m just letting you know about a few things.

1. I had to push back the debut of our rankings until tomorrow

My original plan was to get them all live Monday, but a migraine put me on the PUP list for about six hours. When I came back online, I decided it was best to not stare at a computer screen for more hours.

If you’re reading this Thursday, check to see if the rankings have been posted on our 2015 regular season page.

Today I ran into a couple problems while building the rankings and then adjusted the formulas. The whole process took way longer than expected and there wasn’t much time to begin with.

Rankings: QB | PPR RB | PPR WR | PPR TE | PPR Flex (RB/WR/TE)K | DEF

2. Rankings are in, projections are out

Our rankings are going to be very good. They are adjusted based on a couple factors, but the starting points are the free rankings at www.fantasypros.com, the best in the business.

Projections are one of our favorite feature every year. They are horribly time-consuming and with my new work hours I’m just not sure I can get them all done before Thursday kickoffs.

These rankings are far less time-consuming. Here we are with me delaying them until Thursday. And it’s the first week. However, it took me about two hours today — that was with some tweaks and infrastructure snafus that probably cost me a half hour or more. The preliminary part of the projections took 5-6 hours and they were far more cumbersome to update.

I’m off work tomorrow. So rest assured the rankings will debut in all their newborn glory. They’ll be better than — or at least as good as — the projections. I promise. And they’ll be updated at least once a week.

3. Expect a few new features

Hopefully you’ve already checked out the Game-Day weather article and the projected scores based on Las Vegas lines article. These are just a few of the new features we hope to be able to get to you throughout the week this season.

In previous seasons, the projections took up so much time that it was my only focus before the Thursday games from Monday through Thursday, then updating them for Sunday was a bit of a chore too.

It kept me from providing you with more information, specifically daily fantasy advice. The projections morphed into me rambling on about whatever popped into my head at the time in the intros.

I hope to do:

  • Weekly columns about Draft Kings and FanDuel
  • A links roundup of all of our content and some of the cool stuff out in the fantasy football community. If you find something cool. Tell me about it on Twitter, I’m @epcn, or email me: ep(at)chinstrapninjas(dot)com. Of course, you can use an @ and a . if you’re not a spammer scraping this site for emails
  • Dynasty and IDP advice

Of course, I’ve been known to bite off more than I can chew. No, really, I have. But the rankings process will get easier once the infrastructure is in place and these new features should fall into line easily, at least by Week 2.

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