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Fantasy football running back rankings for Week 5

Week Five is upon us and here are my rankings.  If you want an explanation of the rankings just let me know in the comments or on the Forums in the start em sit em section.  Good luck and may your teams score many points.

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew @ Buff
  2. Arian Foster v. NYG
  3. Chris Johnson @ Dal
  4. Adrian Peterson @ Jets
  5. Michael Turner @ Cle
  6. Jahvid Best v. Stl
  7. Frank Gore v. Phil
  8. Jamaal Charles @ Indy
  9. Steven Jackson @ Det
  10. Thomas Jones @ Indy
  11. Peyton Hillis v. Atl
  12. Ryan Torain v. GB
  13. Cedric Benson v. TB
  14. Ryan Mathews @ Oak
  15. Ahmad Bradshaw @ Hou
  16. Joseph Addai v. KC
  17. Pierre Thomas @ Ari
  18. DeAngelo Williams v. Chi
  19. LaDanian Tomlinson v. Minn
  20. Chris Wells v. NO
  21. Fred Jackson v. Jax
  22. Darren McFadden v. SD
  23. Tim Hightower v. NO
  24. Jonathan Stewart v. Chi
  25. Michael Bush v. SD
  26. LeSean McCoy @ SF
  27. Shonn Greene v. Minn
  28. Felix Jones v. Ten
  29. John Kuhn @ Wash
  30. Matt Forte @ Car
  31. Laurence Maroney @ Balt
  32. Correll Buckhalter @ Balt
  33. Marion Barber v. Ten
  34. C.J. Spiller v. Jax
  35. Chester Taylor @ Car
  36. Caddy Williams @ Cin
  37. LaGarette Blount @ Cin
  38. Jerome Harrison v. Atl
  39. Donald Brown v. KC
  40. Brandon Jackson @ Wash
  41. Brandon Jacobs @ Hou
  42. Steve Slaton v. NYG
  43. Chris Ivory @ Ari
  44. Tashard Choice v. Ten
  45. Mike Tolbert @ Oak
  46. Darren Sproles @ Oak
  47. Mike Bell @ SF

7 Responses to “Fantasy football running back rankings for Week 5”

  1. Sam

    I just want to see where you put Lynch next week…

  2. Consigliere


    You and me both… I was hoping for this day as soon as they drafted Spiller, I have him in my Dynasty league, and now i dont know how i feel.

    If he goes back to the Lynch that was there his first two years he will be a top 15 back going forward and could be that guy that helps push teams over the top.

    We shall see this time next week

  3. Consigliere

    Also a side note… i ranked these guys as if they were playing.

    If for example Pierre Thomas is ruled out go a head and upgrade his back up, and i would place them right around the same spot as the starter to just a little bit lower.

    As always if you have a question just leave it in the comments section

  4. Todd Embley

    Where is Ray Rice, or has he really fallen out of the top 50?

  5. Consigliere

    @Todd Embley: No he has not fallen out of the top fifty he has merely been skipped over, as were all the Baltimore backs.

    Ray Rice v. Den put him at 13
    Willis McGahee v. Den put him at 26

    Sorry for that error…

  6. Rainman

    So it looks like Darren McFadden isn’t playing. Does that mean Michael Bush should be ranked around 22 or still at 25?

  7. Consigliere


    If it stays that way and McFadden stays out i would move Bush up to about 18. He will get all the carries as Oakland tries to keep the ball out of Philip Rivers hands.

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