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Fantasy football running back rankings for Week 8

Week 8 is upon us, and here are my tight end rankings for the weekend.  If you want an explanation of the rankings, just let me know in the comments below or at our interactive forums

Good luck and may your teams score many points!

1.     Frank Gore v. Den

2.     Rashard Mendenhall @ NO

3.     Arian Foster @ Indy

4.     Chris Johnson @ SD

5.     Adrian Peterson @ NE

6.     Maurice Jones-Drew @ Dal

7.     Jahvid Best v. Wash

8.     Chris Wells v. TB

9.     Jonathan Stewart @ Stl

10.  Cedric Benson v. Mia

11.  Ryan Torain @ Det

12.  Darren McFadden v.  Sea

13.  Ryan Matthews v. Ten

14.  Fred Jackson @ KC

15.  Ronnie Brown @ Cin

16.  Thomas Jones v. Buf

17.  Jamaal Charles v. Buf

18.  LT v. GB

19.  Marshawn Lynch @ Oak

20.  Ricky Williams @ Cin

21.  Steven Jackson v. Car

22.  Knowshon Moreno @ SF

23.  Felix Jones v. Jax

24.  Donald Brown v. Hou

25.  LeGarrette  Blount @ Ari

26.  DeAngelo Williams @ Stl

27.  Chris Ivory v. Pit

28.  Marion Barber v. Jax

29.  Shonn Greene v. GB

30.  Mike Tolbert v. Ten

31.  C.J. Spiller @ KC

32.  Benjarvis Green- Ellis v. Minn

33.  Danny Woodhead v. Minn

34.  Kenneth Darby v. Car

35.  Brandon Jackson @ Jets

36.  Caddy Williams @ Ari

37.  Tim Hightower v. TB

38.  Justin Forsett @ Oak

39.  Michael Bush v. Sea

40.  Joseph Addai v. Hou

41.  Mike Hart v. Hou

11 Responses to “Fantasy football running back rankings for Week 8”

  1. Chickenheads&Pigeons

    sjax @ 21? he should be more upset then deion sanders

  2. homer

    I’m torn I have Foster, Mendenhall, and Torain. I just can’t see Torain having a bad game against Detroit. I should rephrase that. I can’t see Mendenhall having a more productive game than Torain.Could you elaborate a little on why you think Mendenhall is ranked higher than Torain?

  3. Joe


    I have to agree here. I mean Torain is getting 20 carries a game, with a great average per carry and they are playing one of the 2 worst run Ds in the fantasy football! I’m not saying top 5, but I would say 5-8 wouldnt be unreasonable.

    Also, what has Ryan Matthews done to be ranked ahead of BOTH TJ and Charles. I know your response will be there are only so many carries to go around, but even 12-15 carries a piece will give them more points than Matthews. Have you watched a Chargers game all year? lol

  4. Consigliere


    The Saints defense is pretty bad and i think the games big ben has had so far are going to open up the rushing lanes for Mendenhall. Not to mention Mendenhall outside of last week has been one of the most consistent RB’s in the league. I know the Lions D is bad but they are coming off a bye week and at home where they play better, i know they have given up a great game to McCoy at home and Steven Jackson had a solid game, but i think both those backs are better than Torain.

    In the end i think they will score similar amounts of points. But i think Mendenhall might edge him out in the end.

  5. Consigliere


    I know about the TJ and Charles thing… I had them all over the rankings i just get concerned about their work load. While they both had a good game last week i just do not know if it can be kept up (both of them having a solid game)

    Mathews has said he is back to full go and had a great YPC. I know he has been disappointing but i think he still a big part of the offense and should have a good game.

    The knowing of his workload put him ahead but he could be at 18 as well if you are not concerned about workloads and trust the Jones/Charles split.

  6. homer


  7. Allen

    I’ve got MJD, T.Jones, Torain, & Wells in a 2 RB & flex. Which 3 would you pick based on this weeks matchups

  8. Consigliere


    Well I always play my studs…

    While i know MJD hasnt had the best year he has had consistent amount of touches and had a solid game last week.

    I think I would then go with Torain and Wells. I know Wells hasnt done much yet but he got rolling last week with a score and has now been named the starter

    I have faith that both Torain and Wells will hog all the touches and will be a more consistent options than Jones.

    I like Jones dont get me wrong but with Charles there i am always worried. I like to play guys that i know will eat up most of the touches.

    I would go with MJD, Torain, and Wells

  9. Jeff Martin

    For my flex play today…….BenJarvus G-E or Blair White?


  10. Consigliere

    @Jeff Martin:

    I would go with Green=ellis… no telling how white will do

  11. Consigliere

    @Jeff Martin:

    I hope this got to you in time.

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