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Fantasy football: Week 2 Day of Reckoning

Week 2 is over and things are starting to come into focus.

Cedric Benson is a real NFL running back. (Note punctuation is a not a question mark) And Chris Johnson reads Chinstrap Ninjas. Who knew?!

Anyway, a lot of NFL game-y stuff happened yesterday. Here are some of the things I noticed from Week 2’s Sunday games:

Cedric Benson – He continues to make me look bad while playing good. After years of sucktitude I figured him for done, but he’s been first-, second-round running back good so far this season.

Chris Johnson – Mere hours after I used one-year wonder and Chris Johnson in the same sentence at Chinstrap Ninjas, the Titans back erupts with a game for the ages. Let’s try this again: If Steve Slaton doesn’t turn things around in Week 3, it’s going to be hard to consider him anything but a one-year wonder.

Matt Schaub – Contradictory to some of my matchups research, Schaub had a great day. Take away Andre Johnson’s penchant for demolishing the Titans and Schaub would probably have fit the profile.

Raiders/Chiefs offenses – They suck. Seriously, with the way those teams get dumped on by the rest of the league, this game should have produced a couple fantasy studs.

Anquan Boldin – Part of the Cardinals’ questionable brigade, Boldin manned up and went all possession receiver to help the squad.

Mario Manningham – It was not a particularly great matchup for the Giants, but Eli Manning to Manningham (and to Steve Smith) was a great combo Sunday night. Manningham had 10 catches and 150 yards. After that kind of performance, expect Eli to keep looking his way. If he’s available and you have roster space, pick him up.

Philip Rivers – Torched the Ravens defense, thanks to Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson, but still lost because of Willis McGahee and Joe Flacco. This Ravens team is a Super Bowl contender.

Willis McGahee – Speaking of McGahee, his late round ADP is looking like steal-of-the-draft material after two weeks. He has 3 TDs in two weeks of 2009 after having seven all of last year. He’s also averaging almost five yards per carry.

Fred Jackson – Continues to prove why he should be in a committee when Marshawn Lynch returns from suspension.

Julian Edelman – Remember when you dynasty leaguers were deciding what rookie receiver you should pick to stash for the future – Hakeem Nicks, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin or Kenny Britt? Why not the one who plays on the pass-happy Patriots? Brandon Tate, right? Apparently not. Edelman’s performance came out of nowhere. Not sure he’ll keep it up. There are a lot of weapons on that team and Brady likes to spread the ball around.

Johnny Knox – Another rookie receiver chosen late after his team had picked somebody else rounds earlier. Knox one of Knox’s six receptions was the game-winning TD. Not sure he’ll keep it up, but you never know because that offense is still trying to figure itself out.

Mike Sims-Walker – Read a few things about Sims-Walker in the preseason. You’d remember him as third-year receiver Mike Walker, who added some hyphenation in the offseason and had 106 yards receiving and a TD yesterday. He’s a definite waiver pickup.

Derek Schouman – Six catches for 62 yards for the third-year tight end out of Boise State. Like the Bears, the Bills are trying to figure everything out. Maybe Schouman emerges as a legitimate target from here out. If you’re backup tight end is merely a placeholder guy like Donald Lee, I’d drop him to get Schouman’s upside.

Lawrence Tynes – I said on multiple occasions how available Tynes was at the ends of drafts. For me, the writing was on the wall. Eli Manning’s not going to be consistent enough to throw for a ton of TDs and without Derrick Ward, the running game was going to be slowed down enough to lead to a few more field goals. Tynes helped fantasy teams win on Sunday, you don’t always get that out of kickers.

There were lots of games and big happenings on Sunday. What did I miss? What impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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