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Fantasy football wide receiver rankings for Week 3

Week three is upon us and here are my rankings.  If you want an explanation of the rankings just let me know in the comments or on the  interactive forums in the start em sit em section.  Good luck and may your teams score many points.

Without further ado:

  1. Andre Johnson v. Dal
  2. Miles Austin @ Hou
  3. Roddy White @ NO
  4. Greg Jennings @ Chi
  5. Reggie Wayne @ Den
  6. Randy Moss v. Buff
  7. Larry Fitzgerald v. Oak
  8. Brandon Marshall v. Jets
  9. Marques Colston v. San Fran
  10. DeSean Jackson @ Jax
  11. Calvin Johnson @ Min
  12. Wes Welker v. Buf
  13. Hakeem Nicks v. Ten
  14. Anquan Boldin v.Cle
  15. Steve Smith (NYG) v. Ten
  16. Chad Ochocinco @ Car.
  17. Hines Ward @ TB
  18. Terrell Owens @ Car
  19. Santana Moss @ Stl
  20. Derrick Mason v. Cle
  21. Donald Driver @ Chi
  22. Mike Sims-Walker v. Phi
  23. Mike Williams (TB) v. Pit
  24. Mike Wallace @  TB
  25. Steve Smith (CAR) v. Cin
  26. Devin Hester v. GB
  27. Kevin Walter v. Dal
  28. Steve Breaston v. Oak
  29. Dwayne Bowe v. San Fran
  30. Dez Bryant @ Hou (lil banged up)
  31. Jabar Gaffney v. Indy
  32. Michael Crabtree @ KC
  33. Mark Clayton v. Wash
  34. Austin Collie @ Den
  35. Malcolm Floyd @ Sea
  36. Jacoby Jones v. Dal
  37. Mike Williams (SEA) v. SD
  38. Pierre Garcon @ Den
  39. Mario Manningham v. Ten
  40. Lee Evans  @ NE
  41. Jeremy Maclin @ Jax
  42. Demaryius Thomas v. Indy
  43. Legedu Naanee @ Sea
  44. Braylon Edwards @ Sea (could be benched)
  45. Bernard Berrian v. Det
  46. Deion Branch v. SD
  47. Johnny Knox v. GB
  48. T.J. Housh v. Cle
  49. Robert Meachem v Atl
  50. Devin Aromashadou v. GB
  51. Roy Williams @ Hou (upgrade if Bryant is out)
  52. Justin Gage @ NYG
  53. Kenny Britt @ NYG
  54. Nate Burleson @ Minn (most likely out)
  55. Davone Bess v. Jets
  56. Percy Harvin v. Det (most likely out)
  57. Mohamed Massaquoi @ Balt
  58. Golden Tate v. SD
  59. Devin Thomas @ Stl
  60. Danny Amendola v. Wash
  61. Sammie Stroughter v. Pitt

17 Responses to “Fantasy football wide receiver rankings for Week 3”

  1. cartisimo

    Where is Eddie royal?

  2. Consigliere


    Seems i forgot to paste his name back in when i moved him around… sorry about that

    I would put him in at #32.5… the way to beat Indy is on the ground so i would see limited amount of passes and if they get down early he could see more targets but the key to the game is to take the air out of the ball.

    Sorry about that mistake.

  3. woa37

    Why do you have Floyd listed so low? We saw what a big WR (D. Thomas)did against Seattle’s secondary last week. Even if he’s the second option in SD, I’d easily have him ahead of Hester, Mason, Wallace, and certainly Crabtree.

  4. Consigliere

    I don’t like the inconsistent play and numbers. Last week it was nanaee that was the hot player then he got only one catch. Also gates is still top dog in SD. I still would be fearful to start Floyd due to the inconsistent play

    In addition the hawks play tough at home.

  5. the dude

    Percy Harvin is NOT out. Can you pls re-rank accordingly? THANKS

  6. Consigliere

    @the dude:

    Correct he underwent some sort of miracle cure. I would put him up as high as 22. I still dont know if he will play the whole game but he should be a great check down and should see about a 6-7catch game with 90-110yards and a score. I would start him as a Flex with confidence…. but i would watch the Sunday report to make sure he plays.

    *I rank these guys on Wednesday night and at that time Harvin was most likely out.

  7. the dude

    Thanks C – i agree with your prognosis.

  8. Bacon

    Nicks seems a bit high to me considering the Titans Pass D?
    You don’t think they’ll shut down the Giants passing game?
    I’m tempted to sit him this week…

  9. Consigliere


    I am expecting a bounce back game from the Giants. Also Nicks has proclaimed himself 100%.

    I also see him as the true #1 in New York, I know steve smith is getting a good amount of looks but i see him as more of a Wes Welker esque player and Nicks as more of the homerun/big play guy. I think Nicks will continue his break out game and prove to be a solid guy to play no matter the match-up

  10. Consigliere


    Who are you debating between Bacon… maybe i could be of some assistance.

  11. notsodirtysouth

    Just wondering why Clayton was so low he has outscored Driver the last two weeks and appears to be Bradfords go to guy, as opposed to Driver who has been putting up consistently mediocre numbers and is Rodgers 2nd. Sorry for the ramble but what I’m getting at is I’m torn between starting Driver or Clayton this week as my #2 receiver (I also have Demaryius Thomas) I play in a standard 12 team league.

  12. jzak

    @notsodirtysouth: You start Mark Clayton and don’t look back. Driver will score points in bunches and isn’t the most consistent option. Clayton has become Bradford’s No. 1 receiver and the Redskins, surprisingly, have given up the most points to receivers of any team in the NFL through the first two weeks. Clayton is a great player to start this week.

  13. Bacon

    @ @Consigliere: I am debating between Clayton, Driver, and Nicks.
    Clayton should have a good game vs Wash.
    I like Nicks, but am having a hard time seeing him and Smith getting much from Tennessee.
    Driver is solid, but never puts up many points.
    PPR league.

  14. Bacon

    @Consigliere: I think I’ll just put both Nicks and Clayton in, and bench Addai. His knee worries me anyway.
    So current lineup would be:

    Q – P. Manning
    RB – P. Thomas
    RB – T. Hightower
    WR – L. Fitzgerald
    WR – M. Clayton
    Flex – H. Nicks
    TE – D. Keller
    DST – Ravens

    J. Addai
    P. Hillis
    M. Barber
    M. Williams (TB)
    D. Mason
    D. Driver
    B. Roethlisberger

    And Thanks for the responses…

  15. Consigliere


    I would tend to agree with Jzak here, while i do have Driver ranked higher I still think Clayton is a good option.

    I put Driver up that high because i expect a shootout in Chicago. But one thing that cant be denied is that Clayton is force fed the ball by Bradford and there is a good chance the Rams go down early and have to throw often.

    I understand your frustration, you clicked on the rankings your gut said start clayton and then the rankings went counter to that.

    Personally i like the possibility of a high scoring game in chicago and expect driver to do well but Clayton will also have a solid game. Trust your gut and play Clayton. He is the only weapon where Driver is one of 3 or 4 on GB. Could Clayton be ranked higher, of course, but i temper my expectations bc of the rookie QB and the defense he will be playing against.

  16. Consigliere


    I would watch the injury reports and see how the inactives go. With Clayton and Addai both playing at 4 you can kind of wait it out to see. I think Addai will be a better play over all and he seems like he will play. Then i would go with Nicks at WR and Addai at the flex.

    As i stated to another reader, trust your gut if you think Clayton is going to kill it then go with him. I think in a PPR setting he should get more catches than Driver simply bc he is the top option with little else to take catches from him. If Addai is out i look to start Clayton.

  17. notsodirtysouth

    Thnx for the advice guys, Clayton it is.

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