Playoff fantasy leagues are a relatively new phenomena, especially considering how many Super Bowls were played before regular fantasy football was even invented.

How do Larry Csonka’s performances in Super Bowl’s VII and VIII compare with Kurt Warner’s in XXXIV? We can use fantasy points as our guide.

We’re using standard scoring with PPR: 1 pt/20 passing, 1 pt/10 rushing/receiving, 4pts/passing TD, -1 INT, 6 pts/(rushing/receiving TD).

Super Bowls were reviewed four at a time, click the links to read the original posts. All links will become available once the posts have been published to the front page. Number in parentheses denotes number of fantasy MVPs:

Super Bowl Fantasy MVPs

Super Bowl I — Max McGee, Packers

Super Bowl II — Bill Miller, Raiders

Super Bowl III — Matt Snell, Jets

Super Bowl IV — John Henderson, Vikings

Super Bowl V — John Mackey, Colts

Super Bowl VI — Roger Staubach, Cowboys

Super Bowl VII — Larry Csonka, Dolphins

Super Bowl VIII — Larry Csonka (2), Dolphins

Super Bowl IX — Franco Harris, Steelers

Super Bowl X — Lynn Swann, Steelers

Super Bowl XI — Sammy White, Vikings

´╗┐Super Bowl XII — Tony Dorsett, Cowboys

Super Bowl XIII — Terry Bradshaw, Steelers

Super Bowl XIV — John Stallworth, Steelers

Super Bowl XV — Jim Plunkett, Raiders

Super Bowl XVI — Dan Ross, Bengals

Super Bowl XVII — John Riggins, Redskins

Super Bowl XVIII — Marcus Allen, Raiders

Super Bowl XIX — Joe Montana, 49ers

Super Bowl XX — Jim McMahon, Bears

Super Bowl XXI — Phil Simms, Giants

Super Bowl XXII — Ricky Sanders, Redskins

Super Bowl XXIII — Jerry Rice, 49ers

Super Bowl XXIV — Joe Montana (2), 49ers

Super Bowl XXV — Thurman Thomas, Bills

Super Bowl XXVI — Gary Clark, Redskins

Super Bowl XXVII — Troy Aikman, Cowboys

Super Bowl XXVIII — Emmitt Smith, Cowboys

Super Bowl XXIX — (Tie) Jerry Rice (2) and Steve Young, 49ers

Super Bowl XXX — Andre Hastings, Steelers

Super Bowl XXXI — Brett Favre, Packers

Super Bowl XXXII — Terrell Davis, Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIII — Rod Smith, Broncos

Super Bowl XXXIV — (tie) Kurt Warner and Isaac Bruce, Rams

Super Bowl XXXV — Jamal Lewis, Ravens

Super Bowl XXXVI — Kurt Warner (2), Rams

Super Bowl XXXVII — (Tie) Jerry Rice (3), Raiders and Brad Johnson, Buccaneers

Super Bowl XXXVIII — Deion Branch, Patriots

Super Bowl XXXIX — Donovan McNabb, Eagles

Super Bowl XL — Hines Ward, Steelers

Super Bowl XLI — Joseph Addai, Colts

Super Bowl XLII — Wes Welker, Patriots

Super Bowl XLIII — Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

Super Bowl XLIV — Joseph Addai, Colts (2)

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