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FINAL Week 2 rankings for 2015 fantasy football — QB, RB, WR, TE, FLEX, D/ST, K

After attending a funeral yesterday, I decided to enjoy some linear entertainment instead of worrying about fantasy football. So, I’m a bit more behind than I’d prefer.

That means instead of providing individual posts per position, I have to gang up these rankings into one article again.

My work could be a little easier next week and there won’t be any funerals. We should get back on schedule.

Alright. Enough of that. It’s Sunday, football day, let’s get to this week’s rankings.

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FINAL Week 2 rankings

Before you call for my head on Twitter over these rankings, let me explain.


Aaron Rodgers is sixth and Tom Brady is 15th because they have tough matchups. Drew Brees is first and Carson Palmer is third because he has an awesome matchup. That’s it.

If you want more information about our the how and why with our matchups, check out our matchups to attack/avoid article published this morning.

Running backs

I’ll also apologize for the Ameer Abdullah shocker. However, did you see what Carlos Hyde did to the Vikings last week. I’m all-in on Abdullah at daily fantasy sites this week.

My lineups will have a lot of Abdullah-Danny Woodhead pairings. I talked quite a bit about Woodhead in that matchups post, but here’s the bottom line: The Bengals weren’t good at stopping the run last season and they were fourth-least efficient in the NFL against pass-catching backs.

Wide receivers

We have a lot of chalk big guns at the top of our wide receiver list. After a disastrous Week 1, you shouldn’t give up on A.J. Green or Brandin Cooks in season-long. Many DFS players will avoid that duo this week because of last week. This week, their matchups are too good to ignore.

Remember, each week is independent of the last this early in the season.

It shouldn’t surprise that Jordan Matthews, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry and DeAndre Hopkins are in the top-10 mix this week. They all had impressive 2015 debuts.

Tight ends

Buffalo was really good at stopping opposing tight ends last season. How much of that went away when Kiko Alonso was traded to the Eagles for LeSean McCoy? Alonso’s a play-maker. Rob Gronkowski is going to enjoy not having him in the middle of the field this week.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia and San Diego were horrible against tight ends last season, meaning Jason Witten and Tyler Eifert could benefit this week.


Look at that xval on Antonio Brown. Twelve. Nobody else even close. He might be a must-start receiver at your favorite daily fantasy site just like Julio Jones was last week. Jones is No. 2.

There are a lot of wide receivers who should provide excellent value this week — many less expensive than Brown or Jones. It should be an interesting one at Draft Kings and FanDuel.

Kickers and defenses

This is pretty easy. If you have a stud kicker or defense you’re starting them.

If you’re streaming either position, use our rankings above. Pick up the top option that is available at the position. I found the Ravens on one of my waiver wires this week. Giddy-up.

May variance be in your favor today and every day.

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