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Follow-up on NFL free agency news and fantasy implications

Here is a look at the NFL free agency signings since our first post a few days ago.

Latest big news today was the two-year deal that Thomas Jones signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.  All of those fans that thought Jamaal Charles was a 1st round pick RB are collectively sighing and wailing.  Charles really moves down in the pecking order with Thomas Jones in tow as the other RB.  Or maybe Charles is the other RB.  This move also positively impacts Shonn Greene as he knows now he will get the bulk of the carries for the run first Jets.

Seneca Wallace was traded to the Cleveland Browns.  With Derek Anderson’s release and Seneca’s knowledge of Holmgren’s West Coast Offense, I look for Seneca Wallace to contend with if not beat out Brady Quinn for the starting QB job.

Other free agent news:

Dunta Robinson signed a 6 year deal with the Atlanta Falcons.  Atlanta hopes that the move solves some of their cornerback woes.  I doubt that it will.

Antrel Rolle signed a 5 year deal with the NY Giants.  This I feel is a positive move for the Giants and solidifies a weak area of the defense last year.  If Kenny Phillips can return healthy this year, they could be much improved in the secondary in 2010.

Justin Fargas released by the Oakland Raiders.  This move effects Darren McFadden and Michael Bush in that the time share will only be two backs instead of three in 2010.

Kevin Walter resigned a 5 year deal with the Texans.  He is a low WR3 or high WR4.  Everyone can now cross Jacoby Jones off of the list as a sleeper pick in 2010.

The Antwaan Randle El and Arnaz Battle signings by Pittsburgh probably signal the end of Limas Sweed’s career there.

Chris Chambers signed a 3 year deal to remain with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Chambers played well and had a good connection with Matt Cassel down the stretch of the 2009 season.  It remains to be seen if that can be continued in 2010.

David Carr was signed as a backup by the 49ers.  This deal more than likely puts an end to Shuan Hill’s tenure as an NFL quarterback.

Jason Avant resigned with the Eagles for 5 years.  He really does not have much of a fantasy impact, as even though he is the 3rd receiver, he is probably 4th or 5th in the pecking order behind Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy to get the football.

Marcus Mason formerly of the Redskins was claimed off waivers by the San Diego Chargers.  Any move that the Chargers make at running back must be monitored closely as the position is still wide open at this point.

Reggie Brown was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Tampa needs a lot of help at WR.  But trust me after watching this guy play as an Eagle for many season, I have no idea why anyone would feel he is an upgrade.  He was given numerous shots to take over a WR position in Philly and failed to do so every time.  

Aaron Kampman was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars to provide some type of pass rush.  The team desperately needs sack help as they only registered 14 as a team all last season.

Terrell Owens has been mentioned by both Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco as a possible Bengal next year.

Antonio Bryant will also be paying a visit to Cincinnati and has also been rumored with Miami as well.

LaDainian Tomlinson has recently been connected as a substitute for Chester Taylor’s loss in Minnesota.

It’s anyone’s guess where Brandon Marshall might be playing in 2010.  He left Seattle without striking a deal.  It could be a long drawn out process for him.

3 Responses to “Follow-up on NFL free agency news and fantasy implications”

  1. jzak

    Thanks socko for bringing us up to speed. A few things:

    1. Thomas Jones will get a significant portion of the carries in Chiefsland. He won’t be the primary back, per say, but will get enough carries to put a decent dent into the otherwise shiny rocketship that was Jamaal Charles. Read on one sight that Jones will likely be used like LenDale White circa 2008 (not last year’s no-show), where he was a TD vulture and short-yardage freakasaur.

    2. Seneca Wallace was not brought to Cleveland to be the starter there. If the Browns don’t sign any better QBs this offseason (methinks they’ll get someone else via trade or draft), than Brady Quinn would be starting over Wallace on opening day.

    3. There is much to be said in fantasy baseball about post-hype sleepers, but you rarely hear that terminology in fantasy football. Could Darren McFadden start the trend? Fargas was a Tom Cable and Al Davis favorite. Will McFadden get the majority of the carries in Oakland? Will he see a value increase this season? Starting to wonder if he could be a sneaky nice play as long as your expectations aren’t through the roof.

    4. I almost feel bad for the Bengals that they’re left to choose between Terrell Owens and Antonio Bryant as their answer for a punchless passing game. Oh, wait … you say Brandon Marshall hasn’t inked with the Seahawks just yet? The Bengals would be silly not to make a serious push for Marshall … if nothing else, he’ll fit in with the other thugs on the squad, and seriously would bring a lot of legitimacy to an aging offense.

  2. Antwan

    Have to disagree with Dunta Robinson not helping the Falcons CB situation. The guy is an all-pro caliber CB and should provide a serious upgrade from what they were working with last year. The other side of the field will still be an issue but Robinson certainly improves this secondary.

    Don’t know what the Browns are thinking – signing Jake “interception waiting to happen” Delhomme. I like Senaca Wallace but the Browns have issues if he and Delhomme are battling out for the #1 QB spot this fall.

  3. ep

    @Antwan: Thanks for the comment.
    I agree that Delhomme is not the answer to any meaningful fantasy football question any more.

    Adding one high-level player in coverage can upgrade a defense significantly. If Robinson meets the Pro Bowl-caliber expectations, does that make the Falcons contenders in 2010?

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