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If you build around runs, you want one of these 15 stars

Power hitters, speed guys, average guys, the one thing the great ones all have in common is runs. Great hitters are going to score runs regardless of whatever else they bring to the table.

That’s why the list of projected top run scorers is packed with talented players from every corner of the fantasy baseball globe — from Ryan Howard to Chone Figgins.

There are 15 players who stand out from the pack as the most likely to score 100 runs for your fantasy team in 2010.

Players are listed with their 2010 team and their average draft position. For this list, we’re going to change things up a bit because there is a clear break between the top scorers and the next batch according to the three sets of projections reviewed:

Elite run scorers

Albert Pujols, Cardinals (1.13); Hanley Ramirez, Marlins (2.00); Chase Utley, Phillies (4.14); Curtis Granderson, Yankees (53.47); Matt Holliday, Cardinals (23.21).

Which one of these doesn’t belong? The ADP gave it away, didn’t it? While Granderson is an excellent player there are few times he’s mentioned in the same breath with Pujols, Ramirez and Utley. He’s deserving, especially playing in that lineup at Yankee Stadium.

Note that there are two Cardinals on this list, too.

The sub-elites

Dustin Pedrioa, Red Sox (37.24); Mark Teixeira, Yankees (7.64); Ryan Braun, Brewers (5.14); Brian Roberts, Orioles (40.43); David Wright, Mets (14.62); Ian Kinsler, Rangers (15.60); Ryan Howard, Phillies (10.26); Jimmy Rollins, Phillies (22.22); Chone Figgins, Mariners (79.52); Shane Victorino, Phillies (75.37).

So between the two lists there are four Phillies, which isn’t terribly surprising, but still notable.

A couple players only made it on one of the sets of projections, but were ranked so high, they deserve some discussion. If you wanted to, you could call them sleepers for 100 runs:

Grady Sizemore, Indians — Despite only being on one list, you should consider him a lock for around 100 runs in 2010.

Derek Jeter, Yankees — At age 36, we’ve already seen his ceiling, but batting in that lineup, count Jeter for 100.

Prince Fielder, Brewers — The slugger has scored 100 runs in two of the last three seasons.

Ichiro Suzuki — Last year was the first in his career that Ichiro didn’t score 100 runs. It was also the first season he missed more than a week’s worth of games. Anybody who reads this site knows I can’t recommend picking him, but he’ll get to 100 runs.

Eric Young — The biggest surprise on the list. Not only is he a sleeper on one set of projections, they have him as a top-10 run scorer who steals 38 bases in 2010.

Jason Bay — The Mets’ new stadium might cause power outages, but it won’t keep Bay from scoring runs. He’s scored more than 100 in four of the last five seasons.

Andrew McCutchen — I like him better for 80-90 runs. That makes him a bit overvalued in the ninth round.

Denard Span, Twins — Yeah, Denard Span’s  on one of these lists. Some people are really high on Denard Span. I’m not buying at this point, even though he came close to scoring 100 in 2009.

In 2009, 22 players scored 100 or more runs. Only one scored 120 or more, Pujols (124), and six (Pedroia, Figgins, Braun, Utley, Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals and Roberts) scored 110 or more.

The players who reached 100 in 2009 and aren’t projected to do it in 2010 but it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did it anyway are:

Zimmerman; Johnny Damon, free agent; Robinson Cano, Yankees; Aaron Hill, Blue Jays; Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies; Evan Longoria, Rays.

Marco Scutaro scored 100 even. He ain’t doin’ that again.

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