2016 Draft Kit

Individual defensive player (IDP) projections for NFL Playoffs Week 1

Does your playoff league have IDPs? That’s cool.

Here’s a list generated automatically by our projections machine. It calculates tackles, sacks, interceptions, etc. based on offense vs. defense averages and factors in Las Vegas odds.

Tackles are easier to predict than the other statistics so I added a multiplier into the fantasy points formula. In most leagues a tackle is worth one point (or maybe two points if you count assists as one). Here we make it 2.2. This helps keep the players with a significant amount of reliable statistics at the top of the list.

There haven’t been any individual adjustments made for playing time or injury, so don’t start a player who is injured or who lost his role to someone else. However, in most cases, the system plays a big part in a player’s statistics and the new player should be able to perform close to the player he replaced.

Playoffs Week 1 projections: QB | RB | WR | TE | FLEX | K | DEF | IDP

PPR projections: RB | WR | TE | FLEX

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