2016 Draft Kit

Individual defensive player projections for NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

Your playoff league has IDPs? Awesome.

Hopefully these can help with that.

I don’t curate these as much as I should. When I built the projection machine I made a spot for them. If we can predict catches, passes, interceptions and fumbles, we can predict a lot of the defensive statistics and if we use percentages based on how the teams’ scheme and players accumulate statistics, we can predict IDPs.

That’s what these are. There might be some injured players in there or some players with changed roles, but for the most part they should be pretty solid.

The fantasy points projection is probably modified from your scoring. We have tackles worth 2.2 points. A tackle is usually worth one point and a sack is usually worth two. But in this case I want to make sure we highlight tackles because they are the most reliable statistic to project.

Projections: QB | RB | WR | TE | FLEX | K | DEF | IDP

PPR projections: RB | WR | TE | FLEX

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