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Jay-Mo’s 2010 NFL Mock Draft part I: Picks 1-10

Writer Jay-Mo takes an in-depth look at the possibilities, probabilities, safe picks and reaches that could happen in the first 10 picks of this weekend’s NFL Draft.

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NFL Draft (No. 1 to No. 10)

No. 1 St. Louis

  • Who it should pick: Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) This could be debated had it not been the Rams in this position. Having picked in the top two in each of the last three years, St. Louis has to get a franchise cornerstone, someone to launch a future around. A defensive lineman is not the answer. Bradford has the size, arm, more importantly accuracy, and maturity to be the face of a franchise. As along as he avoids college bars.
  • Probable pick: Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma)
  • Possible decision: Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska) He is the safest pick, most sure-fire NFL starter with a smooth track to the Pro Bowl.

No. 2 Detroit

  • Who it should pick: Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska) He was considered the best player for this draft moments after the ’09 draft was completed. Suh didn’t dissappoint and was a disruptive force all season despite all of the media and opposing teams’ attention. He almost single-handily kept Texas out of the championship game. Not bad for an interior lineman.
  • Probable pick: Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska)
  • Possible decision: Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State) It’s a safe pick, nearly all offensive lineman become productive, useful players. Detroit has already invested plenty of money and attention to rebuilding the defensive line, so it may take advantage of a deep OL draft to land the best one.

No. 3 Tampa Bay

  • Who it should pick: Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma) Although this draft is considered rich with defensive tackles, Suh and McCoy are heads and heels above the others due to their speed and quickness off the snap combined with brute strength to take on multiple blockers. Success on the football field begins and ends on the line of scrimmage. The Bucs take their first step back to respectability.
  • Probable pick: Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma)
  • Possible decision: Eric Berry (FS, Tennessee) Along with Suh, he was considered the best player in this draft entering the college season. Despite being used differently this past season, Berry still registered an All-American year.

No. 4 Washington

  • Who it should pick: Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State) Considered the best offensive lineman in a draft that’s filled with plenty of probable first-year starters, Okung has been the most consistent in college. Skins only have four picks, so they can’t mess around. Take the safe pick. It’s worked well for the Dolphins, Broncos and Ravens in recent years.
  • Probable pick: Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State)
  • Possible decision: Trade with Cleveland (No. 7). For some reason the Browns appear ansty about their position, targeting Bradford and Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame). If the Browns hear that Seattle may be seriously thinking about taking Clausen, the Skins would love to pick up an extra draft pick to move down a few slots.

No. 5 Kansas City

  • Who it should pick: Eric Berry (FS, Tennessee) In their heyday of great defenses, the Chiefs boasted an amazing secondary anchored by Derron Cherry and Kevin Ross as safeties with Albert Lewis at corner back, then later joined by Dale Carter as a cornerback. Berry, who poses a rare combination of speed, hands and sure tackling ability, can be a day one difference maker much like Sean Taylor and Ed Reed.
  • Probable pick: Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma) After this pick, folks are going to wonder why the Sooners didn’t win the championship last season. The Chiefs have taken four linemen in the first round in the past four years, why would they stop here? Many scouts say Williams is the best OT of the bunch.
  • Possible decision: Trade with a Jimmy Clausen suitor who wants to jump ahead of Seattle and Cleveland, or with Philly, which covets Eric Berry.

No. 6 Seattle

  • Who it should pick: Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame) It’s become pretty evident you need a quality quarterback to win in the NFL, why not take the most pro-ready QB in the draft? Clausen, whose two older brothers were starting QBs for the Tennessee Vols, has been groomed for this position. He was attending Division I QB camps at 13 years old. His maturity is a major question for me, but how much distraction can there be in Seattle. Plus, Pete Carroll is perfectly suited for handling big prima donnas.
  • Probable pick: Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa) Losing Walter Jones creates a huge hole on the offensive line, which wasn’t a strong point to begin with. The OTs will start flying off the board. The Hawks have two first-rounders, so they’ll probably use this as a value pick.
  • Possible decision: C.J. Spiller (RB, Seattle) The Seahawks haven’t had this type of dynamic offensive weapon since Joey Galloway in ’95. The opportunity may be too tempting to turn down a player with the ability to make as big a splash as Adrian Peterson in ’07 and Devin Hester in ’06.

No. 7 Cleveland

  • Who it should pick: Eric Berry (FS, Tennessee) As stated in Kansas City’s case, Berry is a top 3 player with unqiue skill sets for a game-changing position. Cleveland needs playmakers on both sides of the ball. Berry is the best available at this spot.
  • Probable pick: Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame) Holmgren is running the show, so I’m putting money the focus of this year’s draft will be offense. Holmgren is also a QB guru, and I’m not convinced at all Seneca Wallace or Jake Delhomme are the answer. Why not start the offensive rebuilding process with the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft?
  • Possible decision: Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State) All of the character issues concerns are smoke screens. Outside of Spiller, he is the most dynamic offensive threat available.

No. 8 Oakland

  • Who it should pick: Dan Williams (DT, Tennessee) A massive space eater, Williams would provide the Raiders with much needed consistently. Groomed in the tough SEC, this Vol has shown steady improvement over the past three years. Plus, with a year under Monte Kiffin’s guidance, Williams should transition well to the pro game.
  • Probable pick: Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland) Makes sense, since he is the most overrated player with the biggest bust potential the the draft. I can count the number of DEs I watched last year run by him in the ACC on two hands. Oakland will fall in love with this physical measurements and performance at the combine and forget to watch actual game film.
  • Possible decision: Awe, who knows? It’s the Raiders, this spot could turn out to be anybody. Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State) with the thought being to take the best available player, also a good attempt to correct the mistake of overlooking Calvin Johnson in ’07.

No. 9 Buffalo

  • Who it should pick: Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State) Make the splash and give your fans something to finally cheer about this offseason. The Bills need offensive explosion, and next to C.J. Spiller, this guy is the best option. Bryant, who has the size, speed and hands to have an immediate impact, was considered a better WR than Michael Crabtree during their time together in the Big 12.
  • Probable pick: Dan Williams (DT, Tennessee) A stout nose tackle is hard to find, especially in the draft. Utilizing a 3-4 scheme, the Bills have a clear need for an anchor. This pick won’t sell game tickets, but it’s a safe pick with solid value.
  • Possible decision: Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers) With a need on the offensive line, the Bills may buckle to the pressure of seeing the top OTs fly off the board and reach for this one.

No. 10 Jacksonville

  • Who it should pick: Rolando McClain (LB, Alabama) Probably a reach here, because of the position, but his skills and readiness for the NFL at the inside linebacker position is a great value here in my opinion. Why is McClain a good pick five spots later but not here? Anyhow, the Jags don’t pick then, so take the player that will best help you win.
  • Probable pick: Jason Pierre-Paul (DE, South Florida). Certainly has the raw athletic ability to be a pass-rushing specialist, but the real question is how long will it take Pierre-Paul to learn the necessary technique and moves to beat quality offensive linemen and blocking schemes? Anybody can register two sacks against the Browns, but the Jags need to see those results against the Colts.
  • Possible decision: C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson). To me, Spiller is much the same player as Maurice Jones-Drew, only faster. I’m thinking the Jags can’t resist, plus Spiller can be a factor on special teams and in the passing game, giving Jones-Drew a breather.

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