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Letter from the editors: Hey Ninjas, you rock to a power beyond classification

This community rocks so hard that we couldn’t turn our amps up to 11. We’d have to find one that goes to 111.

You guys are so awesome that we have to invent a new scale to measure your awesome. And that new scale needs a new word.  My vote goes to Ultramegatacular.

Page views

Over the last five days we’ve approached our best day ever record twice. We also had our best week ever two weeks ago, then beat that last week.

Even if you’re not good at math, you’ve probably figured out that February was our best month ever by a ridiculous margin. That’s all because of YOU.

March is already stalking February’s record like I stalk the Chinese buffet — and much like that bin of General Tsao Chicken, February is about to get decimated.

New writers

The excitement doesn’t just end with our growing reader base. We introduced two new writers into our enclave — Consigliere and Arkham. If you haven’t read their initial contributions, please click on the links and greet them with applause and comments.

New pages

We’ve been pouring out fantasy baseball coverage since the earliest moments of 2010, and we’re not stopping even as the Fat Lady sings away after the final out of the 2010 World Series. We’ve updated our general Baseball page and added a Draft Strategies and Advice Archive page and a 2010 Rankings, Projections and Predictions page.

Let’s not forget fantasy football

But that doesn’t mean we’ve ignored those of you looking for fantasy football coverage. We’ve been talking NFL Draft talk and debating hard on the dynasty front. The NFL Draft and Fantasy Football pages haven’t been upgraded yet, but you will be able to click, click, click through them before the Rams sign whoever they pick No. 1.

Too much content

Of course, there’s plenty more to come. It is only the third month of 2010, after all.

In case you were wondering why this post is running off our regularly scheduled early a.m./noon posting times, it’s because we’ve got so much content to get to you folks that we can’t squeeze it in.

Actually, don’t be surprised if we throw a couple more bonus posts up on random days leading up to the fantasy baseball draft crush.

Stay frosty, Ninjas

1 Response to “Letter from the editors: Hey Ninjas, you rock to a power beyond classification”

  1. jzak

    ep covered all the bases … we can’t express just how pumped we are for the future of chinstrap ninjas, thanks solely to our dedicated and rapidly growing fan base. Truly sweetness in the making!

    BTW, as an update, we officially broke — no shattered — our single-day hit record on Tuesday by more than 100 views.

    The sky is truly the limit.

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