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NBA DFS Draft Kings studs, duds, value plays and tips for Friday, Feb. 27

Oh, baby, there is some basketball going on tonight. Every team but two is on the slate.

That’ll help us rinse away those awful suggestions yesterday — well, suggesting Westbrook worked out because he took 40 shots.

This is daily fantasy, we have to forget about yesterday and move on. Every day is independent of the last, but previous days inform us. So, no, you will not see Mitch McGary anywhere on this list.

My normal tips still hold true here. Start with value plays and fill in with studs after you figure out what kind of extra money you have.

There are a lot of killer games on Draft Kings today — Pay $3 for a chance to win $10,000! or pay .25 cents for a chance to win $600. Get in there and play some games tonight. But don’t dump your whole bankroll into this slate of contests, as juicy as they are. Especially if you had a big win last night. You could go o-fer and then all your hard work will be down the garbage disposal like your favorite spoon. On a night like tonight, I wouldn’t be against putting 20% on the line. I have a handful of entries in that super mega .25-cent arcade contest.

I’m going to give you at least three plays at each position tonight. There is a metric crapton of value in the mid-range — $5,500-$7,000. If you like a player and matchup better than mine, please go with your own. I probably don’t know more than you, I probably just missed somebody.

Today I created a big list, then a smaller list and still a smaller list to come up with the best mid-range plays. They feel the strongest so I have quite a few balanced lineups out there tonight.

Alright, enough rambling. Let’s get on with the picks.

Top NBA DFS plays for Friday, Feb. 27

Point guard

Value plays: Aaron Brooks, $4,500 and Ray McCallum, $3,300 — These two guys are benefiting from injured starters. We shouldn’t expect 60 points out of them, but they should be able to meet value at those prices

Mid-price: Reggie Jackson, $6,100 and Mo Williams, $6,100 — Until Kemba Walker comes back I’ll start Mo Williams pretty much every game. Jackson is probably a $7,500 or $8,000 player so I’ll probably start him until his salary gets that high. You could also consider Evan Turner, $5,600, Isaiah Thomas, $5,900 and Deron Williams, $6,400 in this range.

Elite plays: Russell Westbrook, $11,200 and Chris Paul, $10,100 — Westbrook is putting up not-of-this-planet type numbers right now and probably will continue as long as Kevin Durant is out. Paul has 60-point potential and has one of the best PG matchups of the night.

Shooting guard

Value plays: J.R. Smith, $5,000 — I know, I know. Price is a little high. Yes, Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, $4,400, Kyle Korver, $4,900, and Rodney Stuckey, $4,800, are decent lower priced options, but I’m not going any lower than Smith. This position is a little messy today. Kyrie Irving will be out, so that means Smith might see quite a bit more opportunity to score.

Mid-priced: Kevin Martin, $6,700, Avery Bradley, $5,700, Joe Johnson, $5,900, Victor Oladipo, $6,800, Jamal Crawford, $5,500, and Kris Middleton, $6,400 — Yes, that’s a lot of players. This position is a bit of a mess today. For the record I’ve got Martin, Bradley, Middleton and Oladipo scattered across my teams. Mostly because I think these are all $7,000+ players at prices under, and in some cases well-under, that number.

High-priced: James Harden, $11,000. and Jimmy Butler, $7,900 — Harden is questionable and might not play. He’s on the list because he could probably score 40 points with his legs tied together and one arm tied behind his back. Butler has one of the best SG matchups of the night, but with all of the mid-priced value I didn’t make room for him in any lineups.

Small forward

Value plays: James Johnson, $4,700 and Wesley Johnson, $4,000 — I’ve got Johnson in a couple lineups partially because of his price. He does fit the max floor/ceiling profile but there are quite a few players who fit that today. Just like with the shooting guards, I’m going with mostly mid-priced plays at SF.

Mid-priced plays: Nicolas Batum, $5,500, Andrew Wiggins, $6,500, Trevor Ariza, $5,900, Kawhi Leonard, $6,700, Luol Deng, $5,900, Josh Smith, $6,800, and Wilson Chandler, $5,500 — Again, we have a huge pile of names on the list. They are listed based on their frequency in my lineups. Batum is my top choice at SF today, followed by Wiggins. Ariza is on my short SF list today and his price seemed to be what I was left with in a lot of cases.

High-priced plays: Rudy Gay, $7,300, LeBron James, $10,300 and Giannis Antetonkoumpo, $7,300 — Gay and Antetonkoumpo have good matchups. James could score 70 on any given night regardless of matchup, but especially when Kyrie Irving is out.

Power forward

Value plays: Jae Crowder, $4,600, Ed Davis, $5,300 — Power forward feels a little weak today. These aren’t great plays, but Davis did score 45.5 fantasy points in one game this season and has one of the best PF matchups of the night against Milwaukee. Crowder’s opponent, Charlotte, is the best PF matchup.

Mid-priced plays: Terrence Jones, $6,500, Nerlens Noel, $6,000, Draymond Green, $6,700, Tim Duncan, $6,800 — I’m using Jones almost exclusively at the SF slot tonight. He should probably cost $7,500 or more the way he’s playing. I also have some Noel and Draymond.

High-priced plays: LaMarcus Aldridge, $8,800 — LaMarcus Aldridge? Under $9,000? Yes, please.


Value plays: Jonas Valanciunas, $4,900, and Marcin Gortat, $5,200 — This is about as low as I could recommend you go at C. Again, I recommend starting with the mid-priced options today, but if you build a lineup you like and need to save, Gortat and Valanciunas both have decent ceiling/floor profiles.

Mid-priced plays: Rudy Gobert, $6,500, Nikola Pekovic, $6,100, Brook Lopez, $6,400, Enes Kanter, $5,900, Joakim Noah, $6,800 — My starting centers are almost exclusively Gobert and Pekovic tonight. Pekovic is the only center to get all four stars in the floor/ceiling profile, but I’m starting Gobert wherever I can afford the extra $400. Lopez and Noah had the same floor/ceiling score as Gobert, making them good options, but I like Gobert’s upside more.

High-priced plays: Al Jefferson, $7,800, Nikola Vucevic, $8,700, Andre Drummond, $7,800, Hassan Whiteside, $7,800 — It’s not a bad night to pay up and put a second C in your UTIL spot at Draft Kings. Jefferson is proably more like an $8,800 player. He gets a good matchup against the Celtics. This is an expensive bunch, but Vucevic has the best matchup of all centers tonight and is worth his price. Drummond also has a good matchup. Whiteside’s matchup isn’t great, but I think he’ll be a $9,000-$10,000 player before the season is over.


Good luck tonight and every night.

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