2016 Draft Kit

NBA DFS Draft Kings value picks and tips for Wednesday, Feb. 25

Well, one night removed from a GPP win I was only able to double my entry fees. … Playing in only tournaments. That’s actually pretty good.

This is the same formula again tonight. Expect it to fail soon. We are playing low-win-rate contests with the potential for high output so we have to expect it.

Still, these value picks will be good whether you’re playing in cash games or tournaments.

Sorry for the sloppiness. I stopped to write this on one of my work road trips today. I worked until 3 a.m. and had to leave for work at 1:20 p.m. I didn’t do all of the research I normally do and I expect to leave behind some typos. Sorry for misused homonyms — yes, I do know the difference between here and hear.

Today’s value picks are a little different. I wasn’t able to look at matchups. You’ll want to check matchups and make sure that all of these players are starting and/or aren’t being replaced in the starting lineup by a star who was inactive recently due to a trade. They also might be injured or the coach may just give them a day off. I think Danilo Gallinari is on the back end of a back-to-back and a third game in four days, so he’s a prime candidate.

Players are listed in order based on their explosiveness in the last week (about 3 games). Because it is such a huge slate, we can be selective, so only players with max ceiling/floor profiles are being featured.

Point guards

Mario Chalmers, $4,700; Evan Turner, $5,200; Elfrid Payton, $5,600; Isaiah Thomas, $5,800. These next players don’t fit the max profile, but I’ll also consider: Mo Williams, $5,600, Goran Dragic, $6,300 and Tony Parker, $4,800.

EP’s first-look favorite pick: Chalmers or Turner.

Shooting guards

Avery Bradley, $5,500; Jamal Crawford, $5,800; Joe Johnson, $5,800; J.J. Redick, $4,600; Khris Middleton, $6,400; Kevin Martin, $6,700; Eric Gordon, $6,000. I might also consider Gerald Henderson, $5,500, and Wesley Matthews, $5,500.

EP’s first-look favorite pick: Bradley, Joe Johnson or Crawford.

Small forwards

Andrew Wiggins, $6,500; Nicolas Batum, $5,300; Luol Deng, $5,700; P.J. Tucker, $5,400; Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, $4,600; Trevor Ariza, $5,800; Kawhi Leonard, $6,700; Josh Smith, $6,800. I might also consider Danilo Gallinari, $5,00; Wesley Johnson, $4,200; Matt Barnes, $4,800; Tobias Harris, $6,300; and Demarre Carroll, $5,100.

EP’s favorite first-look favorite pick: Wiggins or Batum.

Power forwards

Nerlens Noel, $5,900; Ed Davis, $5,300; Robert Covington, $6,200; Dirk Nowitzki, $6,500. I might also consider Terrance Jones, $5,700; Jae Crowder, $4,100; Thaddeus Young, $5,400; Carlos Boozer, $5,300; Travis Wear, $3,000; Nene Hilario, $4,800.

EP’s favorite first-look favorite pick: Noel or Dirk


Marcin Gortat, $5,200; Brook Lopez, $6,600; Jusuf Nurkic, $5,000; Alex Len, $4,900; Nikola Pekovic, $6,000; Rudy Gobert, $5,800; Tyler Zeller, $4,800; Jordan Hill, $5,400; Tyson Chandler, $6,500. I may run a center in my UTIL tonight because so many players fit the max floor/ceiling profile and so many star Cs have double-double potential.

EP’s first-look favorite pick: Gortat, Len, Nurkic, Gobert or Zeller.


Good luck tonight and every night. Sorry for the mess.

Oh, right, a tip. On a night like this with such a full slate it’s extremely important that you heed my warning above. Some of these players will likely end up being healthy scratches. You can’t overcome a 0 from any player if you want to take down a tournament.

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