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NBA DFS value picks for Thursday, Feb. 26

Last night’s NBA value picks weren’t stellar, but we did point you in the direction of Evan Turner’s triple double.

Using the picks, I profited by $1 in $15-worth of tournaments. I hope you did much better.

I’m running low on time so I’m not going to ramble through this opening.

Here’s our NBA tip of the night: It’s a short slate tonight so that means there will be high variance. If one star sits, his replacement will be a must-start. Check lineups and playing situations prior to game time. It also means we can’t be as picky as we normally are with our value picks.

Here are the NBA value picks for Thursday.

Point guard

Brandon Knight, $6,200 — I’ll be pairing Knight and Russell Westbrook, $11,300, together in most lineups tonight. If Westbrook sits for any reason, D.J. Augustin is a +++ must start with three exclamations. Knight has the best matchup.

Shooting guard

J.R. Smith, $5,000 — Smith is the best value, but I’ll be making space to fit Klay Thompson, $7,800, in a few lineups. He has the a decent matchup. Anthony Morrow, has the best SG matchup but is a high-risk play sharing the backcourt with Westbrook.

Small forward

P.J. Tucker, $5,400 — Tucker is in pretty much every one of my lineups. I did make an effort to get Westbrook, Knight, Lebron James, $10,300, and Tucker in the same lineup. It’s not for the faint of heart. You could also consider Andre Iguodala, $3,900, who has seen his best years but has been playing well of late, or Harrison Barnes, $3,800.

Power forward

Mitch McGary, $3,900 — McGary doesn’t have a great ceiling/floor profile, but I like his price and situation. The Cavaliers are a good matchup for opposing power forwards. I’ve also found a way to pay for Kevin Love, $7,800, and Draymond Green, $6,700. They have good matchups. Serge Ibaka, $7,900, is the most expensive of the bunch and doesn’t have a good matchup, but he has a max ceiling/floor profile.


Timofey Mozgov, $5,300 — There are only thee centers on my cheatsheet — Mozgov, Enes Kanter, $5,900, and Alex Len, $4,900 — and all three fit the max ceiling/floor profile tonight. Len is $400 cheaper, but Mozgov has the best center matchup of the night so I’m paying up a bit to start him. Kanter has the second best matchup.


Here’s my final thought for tonight’s two-game slate: I’m trying to pair the best other guard (Stephen Curry, Knight, Thompson, Morrow) and two PFs (Love, Green, Ibaka, McGary) with Westbrook. I think that’s the winning strategy.

Good luck tonight and every night.

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