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NFL Draft preview: Consigliere’s first-round mock draft

I know that by pick 3 this will most likely be all messed up but here is a good faith effort towards predicting the always unpredictable NFL Draft. I predict that there will be 2-3 trades but with their unpredictable nature I decided to leave them out of this mock and just go as if the draft had no trades. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

1. St. Louis: QB Sam Bradford

  • The Rams need to not be cute with this pick. Much like the Lions did last year … take the quarterback and pray that he is the stud that he was in college. Ask the Colts, it has worked out for them.

2. Detroit: DT Ndamukong Suh

  • As a Lions fan I don’t agree with this pick, but I think they are in a no lose situation.  If they trade down, great. If they pick Suh, great. If they go LT great. Sports Science says Suh is a beast, the tape says the same. Hopefully it transfers to the field and the Lions get the same dominate force Mel and Todd have been hyping since the college season ended.

3. Tampa Bay: LT Russell Okung

  • This team is awful. They have very few pieces, but Josh Freemen looked good when he wasn’t running for his life. Okung is the best LT in the draft. Bucs take him and help to shore up the offensive line.

4. Washington: LT Trent Williams

  • Chris Samuels retired and Williams is the type of athletic tackle Shanny needs to run his zone blocking system. If they want to win they are going to need to protect Donovan McNabb better than they did Jason Campbell … Williams is a step in the right direction.

5. Kansas City: LT Bryan Bulaga

  • KC took a DL last year at 3 and they already have Glenn Dorsey as well, so picking McCoy to me is out of the question. Berry is special, but staying true to the New England roots Pioli takes the value pick.

6. Seattle: S Eric Berry

  • Pete Carroll has had a dominate safety at USC, so why should it be any different when he comes to the Pros? Berry falls into his lap at 6, and with the luxury of another high pick in the first round, he takes what some consider the best player in the draft.

7. Cleveland: DT Gerald McCoy

  • They traded Corey Williams to the Lions earlier in the offseason and McCoy seems like a gift at 7.  Holmgren will be torn between him and Clausen, but he will roll through the first year with Delhomme and Wallace calling the shots under center and take McCoy.

8. Oakland: LT Bruce Campbell

  • If the Raiders plan on winning anytime soon, they need to run the ball and run it a lot. They pick Campbell, who had a freakish workout at the combine and has a lot of raw talent. This pick will help pave the way for McFadden to break out this season.

9. Buffalo: QB Jimmy Clausen

  • Clausen can play … anyone who watched him at Notre Dame knows this. I don’t think he falls as far as everyone believes he does. He can make all the throws and played in a pro offense for 3 seasons.  Some will point to Quinn and say he will turn out the same, but I am not buying it.  Buffalo is in need of a franchise quarterback and gets their man here.

10. Jacksonville: WR Dez Bryant

  • Everything aside … this cat can flat out ball. He has the size and the speed. In some cases, the 40 times and all the sparkles of workouts cloud peoples’ view of players, and this is one of those cases. The NCAA suspension was a joke, and the time off didn’t affect his ability to catch the ball. He is a gamer, and he will be a game changer with Mike Sims-Walker in Jacksonville.

11. Denver: DT Dan Williams

  • Without Mike Nolan running the show, the defense will be hurting. They add this big man in the middle to help shore up the DL and keep Elvis Dumervil running loose off the end.

12. Miami: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

  • A physical freak, Pierre-Paul will provide a heavy pass rush and help protect the young secondary.  With Nolan running the show on the defense, Pierre-Paul could have a similar season to Dumervil.

13. San Francisco: CB Joe Haden

  • This is almost too good to be true. The top corner has fallen right into the lap of the 49ers … they have no choice but to choose the top corner, and help bolster their pass defense. With the road to the Super Bowl going through the pass-happy teams of the NFC, the 49ers will need a top secondary to join the elite.

14. Seattle: RB C.J. Spiller

  • In building USC 2.0, Carroll takes another familiar piece: dynamic running back. Spiller can score from anywhere on the field, and is dangerous in the pass game as well. He will provide a nice safety valve for whoever the quarterback is come week 1.

15. New York Giants: LB Rolando McClain

  • The loss of Antonio Pierce was big time and McClain can help fill that void. He was the defensive leader on the National Champion Crimson Tide. He is a solid selection at 15, and should help shore up the leaky run defense.

16. Tennessee: DE Derrick Morgan

  • The losses of Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth in back-to-back years have proved to be troubling. The Titans need to replenish the DL if they want to get back to the big time. Morgan will also help put some pressure on Peyton Manning, who they have to see twice a year.

17. San Francisco: LB Sean Witherspoon

  • This kid is a warrior and you better believe that Singletary loves him for that. With he and Willis patrolling the field, the running game of opponents will be limited. I really like Witherspoon, and think he will be a huge asset on whatever team drafts him. The 49ers defensive mentality seems to be right in line with what Witherspoon brings to the table.

18. Pittsburgh: WR Demaryius Thomas

  • Bye bye Santonio Holmes and Ward is getting old. Thomas is a huge target and will have the time needed to heal up with Ward and Wallace in place. The Steelers have a lot of good parts on the defense so this pick would make sense. I see them trading down though if they truly intend on picking Thomas.

19. Atlanta: DE Brandon Graham

  • A team can always use another pass rusher, and that’s exactly what the Falcons do here. Graham was explosive on a terrible Michigan defense. He was being keyed on every play and still made a ton of plays. He has shot up the draft boards and should fall in the late teens to mid twenties.

20. Houston: S Earl Thomas

  • It is more than likely that the Texans will need to beat the Colts to make it to the Super Bowl. The Colts pass a lot and do it pretty well. Adding a ball hawk like Thomas will help bolster their defense and puts them one step closer.

21. Cincinnati: TE Jermaine Gresham

  • Carson Palmer’s arm isn’t as strong as it used to be, and this pick will help take the pressure off of Chad Ochocinco. Gresham will work the middle of the field and provide a sure-handed receiver for Palmer … Something Coles was not.

22. New England: CB Kyle Wilson

  • Got to beat the Colts, and you need to stop the pass to do that. Adding Wilson here will help add to the pass defense. I could see the Patriots moving around in the first round to get the exact player they want since they have a couple late round picks to deal. I think they need to bolster their defense if they plan on remaining the powerhouse they have been.

23. Green Bay: LT Anthony Davis

  • If Aaron Rodgers stays upright, he kills opposing defenses. I have seen this happen for two straight years first hand. If he is on his back, he can’t do that. The answer is simple: draft an offensive lineman.  Davis here is a great value pick.

24. Philadelphia: S Taylor Mays

  • Brian Dawkins 2.0 … well maybe with lesser cover skills. Mays delivers punishing hits and can chase down any running back. He has ridiculous talent and raw ability.  McDermott, much like his mentor, loves to bring the heat and dial up all sorts of craziness. Mays can play LB or S … imagine the problems that could cause. I also think he will be the answer to covering the hybrid-type tight ends. He is big enough and fast enough to cover the JerMichael Finleys and Vernon Davises of the league.

25. Baltimore: DT Jared Odrick

  • Word on the internet is that Odrick is a “Ravens” player. He has a high motor and good skills, the Ravens have added to the offense already this offseason. Now they add to their defense.

26. Arizona: DE Everson Griffen

  • They lost a lot on their defense with Rolle and Dansby leaving. They are going to need to get some pressure to take pressure off the secondary. The Cardnials will most likely be picking much lower come next season. Griffen can play and should make an impact from the start.

27. Dallas: G Mike Iupati

  • The Cowboys want to run the ball, and Iupati is a mauler … sounds like a match made in heaven. The Cowboys don’t have many holes, so they pick to bolster their offensive line. They just released Flozell Adams, so they will need to get some more depth. Another possible selection is Nate Allen to fill the void left by Ken Hamlin’s departure.

28. San Diego: RB Ryan Matthews

  • No LaDanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles is not an every down back. Matthews is a big strong back and he is NFL ready. He will take the drive from Fresno State to San Diego and be the starting back from day one.

29. New York Jets: DT Terrance Cody

  • They have done a good job to make sure teams will have a tough time throwing on them. Bring in Mount Cody and that should slow down opposing rushing attacks. They have done a great job making moves in the offseason and look good on paper. Will all the personalities go together? Only time will tell, but adding Cody will help stuff the run.

30. Minnesota: CB Devin McCourty

  • Cedric Griffen tore his ACL in the playoff game and they need to get a strong secondary to play in the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers airs it out, Martz airs it out and the Lions have Calvin Johnson. If the Vikings want to stay competitive, they are going to need to protect against the pass. McCourty will have the benefit of a strong pass rush so he can be brought along slowly.

31. Indianapolis: C/G Maurkice Pouncey

  • Protect Peyton and they win. Saturday is getting old, and the Colts lost Lilja to FA. Pouncey can play Guard and then be moved to Center when Saturday hangs it up. In the end, they need to protect Peyton to win.

32. New Orleans: DE Sergio Kindle

  • Gregg Williams loves to blitz and run all sorts of crazy defenses. Kindle can play with his hand on the ground or at outside linebacker. He will be moved all over the field, and can make an immediate impact. He played second fiddle to Orakpo at Texas. He will be an asset to the Saints as they try to repeat.

What is your opinion on how the first round of the NFL draft will shake out? We’d love you hear your comments below.

3 Responses to “NFL Draft preview: Consigliere’s first-round mock draft”

  1. Jay-Mo

    Rest assured, Detroit will be very happy with Suh. He was projected No. 1 overall as soon as last year’s draft ended, so he kept pace and probably improved despite the massive spotlight and little help on the Nebraska line.

    Just like 2007, the Lions are getting the best player in the draft at No. 2!

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