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No Draft Kings pitcher rankings or hitter targets today, but here are some questionable lineups

I’m not going to have time to do the normal amount of research today, so no pitcher rankings or targets.

But just like last week, instead I’m going to give you some questionable, I-just-threw-these-together lineups.

Last week, you probably cashed if you played my early game lineup.

Yesterday was a good day for me. My Indians stack and pitcher rankings worked out pretty well, tripling my money in tournaments.

We’ll get back to that normal level of research on Sunday.

Note: As always, check starting lineups prior to game time to make sure players on these lists are starting.

Note 2: WEATHER UPDATE: As I mentioned below, the White Sox-Royals game was postponed. It looks like the Cubs-Reds game and the Giants-Rockies game might also be affected by rain. You’ll want to check that before lineups lock as well. Considering the weather, I made some changes to my early lineup. I should be able to check my late lineup before rosters lock so I’m leaving my Rockies and Giants in. If you won’t be able to check your lineup, you may want to consider alternative options.

For now, here are my lineups for today:

Early $400 left

Pos Player FPPG
P Trevor Bauer
P S. Strasburg P 14.0 swap out
C Miguel Montero 4.6 swap out
1B Joey Votto 12.3 swap out
2B Devon Travis 11.3 swap out
3B Luis Valbuena 7.8 swap out
SS Stephen Drew 6.3 swap out
OF Bryce Harper
OF Dalton Pompey 6.9 swap out
OF Brandon Moss

Originally I had Paulo Orlando and Lorenzo Cain in this lineup, but the Royals-White Sox game was postponed. Arrieta and Strasburg are the choices because this is a tournament lineup, they are both playing in pitcher’s parks against teams that strike out a lot and both are strikeout pitchers. Although, Strasburg has been up and down this season. Montero, Votto, Valbuena and Drew are constantly on my low BABIP section. I’ll keep starting them until the numbers correct themselves in the hopes they correct in a big way when they do.

Regular $0 left

Pos Player FPPG
P Brandon McCarthy P 22.6 swap out
P C.J. Wilson P DTD 16.4 swap out
C Caleb Joseph 7.8 swap out
1B Freddie Freeman 7.8 swap out
2B DJ LeMahieu 7.8 swap out
3B Jimmy Paredes 11.5 swap out
SS Brandon Crawford 6.2 swap out
OF Corey Dickerson 9.8 swap out
OF Adam Jones 11.4 swap out
OF Starling Marte 8.4 swap out

Again I’m using strikeout pitchers  throwing in pitcher’s parks against teams that strike out a lot. Paredes is still only $2,000. If you’re not starting him at that price you’re giving up too big of an edge. D.J. LeMahieu and Caleb Joseph are also starters playing well at value prices. Marte, Crawford and Freeman are on that low BABIP section I talked about in the early lineup discussion. They should have a positive regression and I want them in my lineup when they do.

Late $100 left

Pos Player FPPG
P Brandon McCarthy P 22.6 swap out
P C.J. Wilson P DTD 16.4 swap out
C Mike Zunino 3.8 swap out
1B Prince Fielder 8.2 swap out
2B Howie Kendrick 8.7 swap out
3B Kyle Seager 7.3 swap out
SS Danny Santana 3.9 swap out
OF Kole Calhoun 8.4 swap out
OF Nelson Cruz 12.1 swap out
OF Matt Kemp 9.7 swap out

I’m going with the same pitchers I did for the regular lineup. Normally I like to diversify a bit, but as I said above the situation is just about perfect for these two in my opinion. That means they’ll probably be highly owned. You may want to consider a contrarian play.

You’ll see a couple Mariners on here. Safeco, ranked the 14th-best pitcher’s park, is the best hitter’s park on this slate. There are no BABIP regression candidates on this list, however Danny Santana isn’t nearly as awful as he’s been playing. He’ll snap out of the slump at some point.

I don’t have any advice on Fielder. I scrolled past him a couple times throughout the lineup-building process trying to figure out where I could better spend money or what I could do differently. I kept ending up with just enough money to get him, so I clicked draft. He’s facing my starting pitcher. I’m not a big fan of starting a bat facing a pitcher I think will have a big day. But I’m also a firm believer that Fielder was destined to be my 1B today. Call it Midi-Chlorians if you want.

If you use any of these lineups let us know how you did in the comments section below. If you used parts of these lineups, but swapped out some players — let us know who you swapped in and how you did.

Good luck today and every day.

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