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Offense vs. defense averages for NFL conference championship weekend

We have one extremely high Las Vegas factor number this week, one high, one near one and another that is terribly low.

If you’ve been paying attention this season, you probably already know which teams fit where. With that in mind, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.


The New England Patriots come in with the highest LVf of the week and easily one of the highest of the season at 1.30. That means Las Vegas’ expected point total of 30 points is 30% more points than their average.

The Patriots-Colts clocks in with the highest over/under of the two-week slate at 53.5 to 54 points, depending on sports book, with the Patriots favored by 6.5-7 points.

The Colts’ projected 23.5 points is 2% below average.


The Seahawks also come in above average with an LVf of 1.16 which would be among the highest of the week on most weeks. They are projected to score 27 points and Russell Wilson is projected for 250.1 passing yards, well above his season average in that category.

The Packers are the lowest team of the week, coming in with an LVf of 0.84. That means Las Vegas expects them to be 16% below averages. Again, that’s one of the lower numbers of the season.

The sportsbooks expect Green Bay to score just 19.5 points and for Aaron Rodgers to throw for just 190.5 yards against the top-rated Seahawks defense.

Here are the full offense vs. defense averages for the conference championships:

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