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Offense vs. defense averages for Week 14

Cowboys at Bears is Thursday, so there are a lot of interesting fantasy plays there.

Normally for daily fantasy sports, I like to ignore most of the Thursday players. They’re playing on a very short week. Not much time to rest or game plan. But with Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant and their teammates, we need to consider starting at least a player or two from the game.

Those players don’t need help from a game plan to dominate a fantasy football box score.

I’ll have a handful of lineups on Thursday and have a couple players from that game.

Our Las Vegas factor is one of my favorite things this year. This week, it says Green Bay and Denver will be 21 percent better than average. They’re average is already pretty dominant.

Sportsbooks think Green Bay will score 34.3 points and Denver will score 29.3 are projected to be two of the top three scoring teams this week. New Orleans is No. 2, projected for 29.8 points (9 percent better than average) against the Panthers.

That means I’ll have a lot of exposure to Packers and Broncos in my cash games and consider fading them in tournaments.

In our Thursday game in question, the sportsbooks think Chicago will be 10 percent better than average and Dallas will be three percent better than average.

The Lions are expected to score 13 percent more points than average.

The lowest LVf this week goes to Buffalo at -14 percent, with Carolina (-13%), Tampa Bay (-11%) and Baltimore (-11%) closely behind.

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