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Offense vs. Defense averages for Week 4

Welcome back for Week 4 of this insanity we adore called fantasy football.

Depending on whether you’re team is 3-0 or 0-3, you may add different adjectives in front (and/or behind) those two words. But your still here, even though you drafted Keenan Allen, Andre Johnson AND Dennis Pitta. I’m still here even thought I drafted Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin and Robert Griffin III in the same league.

Thank you, sir, may we have another.

That’s part of the appeal of sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings, where we get to pick a new team (or teams) every week.

If you’ve read my projection intros you’ll catch a lot of me referencing daily fantasy teams in tournaments and cash games. While my projections can be useful in all formats, I think about them and talk about them in terms of daily leagues.

This week, I hope to get more DFS-specific content out there. Particularly value plays, which I haven’t had time to put together the past two Sundays.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is where the journey begins, with raw offense vs. defense averages for Week 4.

These averages are of statistics from the 2013 season. Did that newbie leave? Good. Be glad you stuck around. There’s also a calculation on the spreadsheets which shows me this year’s numbers. You’d be shocked how similar last year’s performances are to what players are doing this year. When there’s a gap of 10 or more yards, I weigh the matchup and team performance to this point and choose the one that fits better.

There I am getting ahead of myself again. This list is just the raw 2013 vs. 2013 data. But, like I said, the numbers usually come in about the same.

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Offense vs. Defense averages for Week 4 of 2014 fantasy football:

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