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Outfielders to target in 2010 fantasy baseball drafts

Fantasy outfield options are so many and wide-spread, we had to expand our targets per each phase of your respective drafts. There is plenty of young, upstart talent that can be had at a great draft-day value.

Some of our favorites, after compiling our ADP and Composite outfielder rankings  include:

Early-Round Targets

Grady Sizemore: A consensus ninja target based on his incredible reservoir of talent and the deflated draft-day interest due to last season’s struggles. We’re banking on a sizeable Sizemore rebound. So should you.

Ep: Jayson Werth: Few players can provide the production in numerous categories that Werth does. Hitting in a solid Philadelphia lineup helps his cause, too. The fact that many casual fantasy baseball players don’t know the true worth of Werth? Priceless.

Jzak: Curtis Granderson: Can be a tricky player to value on draft day based on how many Yankees fans are in your respective league, one thing I’m certain about is that Granderson will outproduce his 2009 numbers with the Tigers. Runs scored, homers and even RBI will see an uptick. Hope that your competition will fall for the Josh Hamiltons and BJ Uptons on draft day.

Middle-Round Picks

Nolan Reimold: Coming off an Achilles injury, Reimold appears ready to rock. He was having an impressive 2009 before the injury. Could produce a fantasy MVP-type season considering his draft positioning in most leagues.

Ep: Nate McLouth: He’s 29 and will be better than last year. A 20/20 season is a very realistic expectation, and you’ll get it at a reasonable price.

Jzak: Jay Bruce: There are so many outfielders I’d be OK targeting in the middle rounds, I just want to put them all here. Bruce is one of my personal favorites. Very well could out-homer most listed here in the middle rounds, Bruce is young and ready to explode in a good way in fantasy circles.

Ep: Adam Jones: Only 25 for the 2010 season, Jones has great things in. He is one of many on this list that will help fantasy owners from a great draft-day value.

Jzak: Andrew McCutchen: Very young and not as much of a home run threat as others on the list so far, his 30-plus steal potential tied with at least 10 to 15 homers makes him worthy of a middle-round pick in most league formats. Considering his age, he could easily blossom into much better 2010 numbers.

Late-Round Picks

Jason Heyward: Guy just crushes baseballs with such authority, it was only a matter of time that this uber-prospect got his change at the major league level. The Braves are giving it to him right out of the gates as their opening day right fielder. It is important to note that rookie hitters typically struggle more than rookie pitchers in their first season, but Heyward is just too talented to overlook.

Ep: Kyle Blanks: Will be hitting right behind Adrian Gonzalez for the Padres to kick off the season, Blanks has big-homer talent and is going undrafted in most leagues this spring.

Jzak: Rajai Davis: One of many later-round super speedy outfielder options, Davis seems to be going even later than the Julio Borbons of the fantasy world. Considering that stolen base god Ricky Henderson has anointed Davis as a 70-swipe candidate in 2010, I have no trouble bypassing guys like Carl Crawford early in drafts and going with several late-round speed guys like Davis to cover my speed needs.

Jzak: Brett Gardner: Wait a little too long for Davis in your draft? No problem. Gardner may not steal 70 bases anytime soon, but he does offer some decent speed numbers and will be buoyed by a husky Yankees lineup.

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