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Player Spotlight: Cam Newton

The quarterback is one of the most, if not the most, important positions on the field.  Every team is looking for the next franchise quarterback.  In the world of fantasy it isn’t much different everyone would love to have that guy they can just plug into QB and never need to worry about it.  This year it doesn’t look like there is a runaway guy for #1 quarterback but there are a few options.  I will weigh in on who I think will have the biggest impact this year and for no added cost the best long term value.

The college player with the most potential to be the best player this year in the NFL is Cam Newton.

He has the size, speed, and athleticism, but even with all that he has some serious question marks.  I personally don’t think Newton is going to be a Pro Bowl quarterback at any time in his career.  I think he will come in and have a solid impact fantasy wise.  I don’t think Newton will blow up the passing stats but he will be able to supplement that with his running ability.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him average 150 yards passing and 75 or so yards on the ground, which in the world of fantasy isn’t horrible. 

I think after the first few games Newton will struggle because teams will have some film on him, they will start to spy on him and they will throw a bunch of different packages against him.  He will most likely throw an INT per game.  For dynasty leaguers I might look to another quarterback with your early selection.  I do not believe that Newton has the staying power and will just fizzle out in the NFL and will not be the quarterback of the future you desire.

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