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Player Spotlight: Christian Ponder

The quarterback is one of the most, if not the most, important positions on the field.  Every team is looking for the next franchise quarterback.  In the world of fantasy it isn’t much different everyone would love to have that guy they can just plug into QB and never need to worry about it.  This year it doesn’t look like there is a runaway guy for #1 quarterback but there are a few options.  I will weigh in on who I think will have the biggest impact this year and for no added cost the best long term value.

The college quarterback in this draft that has the best long term NFL value is Christian Ponder.

I know this might seem like a band wagon pick, but Ponder has all the requisite talent to be a very good NFL quarterback.  The kid has skills and he has the smarts.  I liken him to Jeff Garcia when he was with the 49ers.  Ponder has above average mobility, pinpoint accuracy, and decent arm strength.  He won’t see the field in his first season but if he ends up in a West Coast system and gets a year under his belt watch out.

Ponder has had an up and down career at Florida State but when he was on he was on.  Florida State has had an up and down cast of characters on offense during his tenure as quarterback, he never had the same talent as some of the other quarterbacks.  I truly think that Ponder has all the skills to step in and be a very good quarterback and since he will likely be planted on the bench for his first season or two you should be able to snag him late in your dynasty drafts.

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