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Potential busts at second base in 2010

Truthfully, there are few second basemen who seem scary this season.

So, you can expect that several of them will bust. More than likely, they won’t be the ones on this list either. That’s just how these thing work.

Remember, we’re just talking about “potential” busts here. Understand that these players could be great for your team, but there’s a greater amount of risk involved. If I had to pick one absolute bust it’d be the first guy on this list just because of today’s news:

Brian Roberts derives his value from his running ability, so him returning to Baltimore today (March 14) to have a specialist look at the bulging disk in his 33-year-old back doesn’t bode well. He’s being picked as a Top-5 second baseman.

Aaron Hill was discussed alongside 11 other players with downside risk in 2010.

Said in the second base ADP-based rankings that I don’t believe Howie Kendrick‘s power spike. I don’t believe he’ll get to 500 at-bats either. Health has never been his strong point. Luckily, for most of you anyway, he’ll be an MI and not a starting 2B in 2010.

That’s it. Or is it? Which second baseman do you see busting in 2010? Anybody not on this list? Let us know on the comments.

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