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Quarterback matchups for Week 13: Sleepers and busts

Multiple sets of statistics — including season-long and last-five-weeks — are used to determine the best and worst matchups of the week.

When multiple sets of statistics all point us in the same direction it increases our confidence in them.

Personally, I follow these lists more than our projections when filling out my daily fantasy lineups. Matchups should be one of the biggest parts of your lineup-making process.

Sorry ninjas, but I’m running late this week. I’m not going to be able to go into too much depth in these matchups. Next to the player name and opponent you’ll find the following numbers:

For the passing matchups, rushing matchups and tight ends, you’ll find the opponents fantasy points (PPR for runners and receivers) allowed to the position in the last five weeks. In this week’s case, that number is validated by adjusted season-long points allowed and points allowed in the last three weeks. This way we highlight only the matchups we can be most confident in.

For wide receiver, tight ends and running back receiving, I’ll also provide the defenses passing yards allowed per game to that receiver type, according to Football Outsiders.

Week 13 projections and rankings

Week 13 matchups: PASS | RUN | WR1 | WR2 | WR3/4 | TE | RB (rec.)

Top passing matchups

Tony Romo played Philadelphia on Thursday

Matthew Stafford played Chicago on Thursday

Philip Rivers vs. Baltimore — 28.1 fantasy points allowed, most in the NFL

Drew Brees vs. Pittsburgh — 23.4 fantasy points allowed, sixth-most

Drew Stanton vs. Atlanta — 21.8 allowed, 10th most

Blake Bortles vs. New York Giants — 25.8, fourth-most

Bad matchups

Russell Wilson played San Francisco on Thursday

Colin Kaepernick played Seattle on Thursday

Josh McCown vs. Cincinnati — 13.0 allowed, second-least

Brian Hoyer vs. Buffalo — 14.5 allowed, fourth-least

Matt Ryan vs. Arizona — 16.4 allowed, eighth-least

Kyle Orton vs. Cleveland — 16.2 allowed, seventh-least

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Tennessee — 15.0 allowed, fifth-least




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