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Question of the week: What happens to Randy Moss?

We’re unveiling this feature a little late in the fantasy football season, but as you fantasy baseball fans know this site doesn’t start hibernating after Week 17.

Here’s how the Question of the Week works: We ask a random question. You tell us the answer in the comments.

This week’s question:

Rostered on three NFL teams this season, Randy Moss hasn’t been himself at any location, disappointing fantasy owners who spent first- or second-round picks on him.

Look into your crystal ball. Tell us, what does the future hold for Randy Moss?

3 Responses to “Question of the week: What happens to Randy Moss?”

  1. Krause

    Unemployment= tv show

  2. Jay-Mo

    Who’s Randy Moss?

  3. Christian Schwarz

    He becomes a colt alongside reggie wayne and goes back to new england and has a dominating performance, honestly he needs a beast qb. Look at deon branch what did he do in seattle the beginning of this year and even last year? nothing then he goes to the pats with top 3 qb tom brady and is now one of the best wrs in the league. Moss is no decoy hes not a mop, he just needs a good qb,favre and Young,smith,collins arent great qbs.

    Also I think fitzgerald should go to the colts if moss doesnt, fitzgerald will not be a cardinal next year he becomes a fre agent in march i cant wait to see where fitzgerald goes

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